Yoshida Shouyou 吉田 松陽

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Yoshida Shouyou
吉田 松陽
Yoshida-shouyou mug.jpg
Seiyuu 山寺 宏一
Yamadera Kouichi
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Occupation Teacher/mentor
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Warm grey colour long hair
Eyes Warm grey colour
Status Executed by Sakata Gintoki.

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"Your sword can't touch me at all."
Yoshida Shouyou



Teacher/mentor to the Late Generation Jouishishi members in their youth, Yoshida Shouyou trained Sakata Gintoki, Katsura Kotarou and Takasugi Shinsuke in swordskills and the bushido. Unusually, Gintoki et al addressed their mentor as 'Shouyou-sensei', using his first name and not as is the custom, his family name.

In Episode 317, it is revealed by Imai Nobume that Yoshida Shouyou is actually Utsuro in person.


Although his eyes aren't usually shown in the earlier chapters, he was revealed later on to have warm grey eyes matching his long gray-brown hair. He also wears a gray robe.


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Background Story

His teachings left a lasting impression on the 3 main characters above. While both Katsura and Takasugi still kept the old textbook that Yoshida Shouyou used for teaching, even in their adulthood, Gintoki said in Episode 61 that he spilled ramen on his textbook and has thrown it away. Even so, it is likely that Yoshida Shouyou has the most profound influence on Gintoki than on the other 2. When Takasugi said he hated the world that took away his teacher, Katsura mentioned that 'he', referring to Gintoki, should be even more devastated, yet he is still able to bear the pain. The real reason was made known in Episode 305. When Gintoki was forced by Tendoushuu to choose between executing his 2 friends, Katsura Kotarou & Takasugi Shinsuke or his beloved sensei, he chose to execute his sensei because he knows his sensei wants him to protect his disciples at all costs.

When Yoshida Shouyou heard stories about a 'demon devouring dead human flesh' at some Joui battlefield, he set forth to investigate. There he found a starving young Gintoki stealing food from the dead to feed himself, with a badly worn out katana for self-defense. On seeing Yoshida, Gintoki instinctively drew the sword in preparation to fight, but was surprised when Yoshida threw his own good sword to him with the words 'Use this to protect your soul'.verify: actual words?


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