Ungyou 云業

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Ungyou mug.png
Seiyuu 喜山 茂雄
Kiyama Shigeo
Haikyo Link
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Occupation Member of Harusame's 7th Division
Affiliations Harusame
Birthday 4 Sep / Virgo
Species Amanto/ Yato Tribe
Gender Male
Hair Bald, with thick beard
Height 199 cm
Weight 101 kg
Status Killed by Kamui in Episode 141


Killed by Kamui while trying to stop the fight between Kamui and Housen during the The Blaze of Yoshiwara First Chapter.

However, he was brought back to life in the Be-bop Kamui-kun segment in which he played multiple roles, including that of Abuto's mother.


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