Umibouzu 星海坊主

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Umibouzu mug.jpg
Other Names Kankou
Seiyuu 速水 奨
Hayami Show
Free Agent
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Birthday 20 Jul / Cancer
Species Amanto/ Yato Tribe
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Height 168 cm
Weight 65 kg
Status Live


Umibouzu 星海坊主 is the father of older son Kamui 神威 and younger daughter Kagura 神楽. Lost his left arm when he fought his son who was aiming to be the strongest Yato.

He is renowned as the most powerful alien-hunter or 'Alien Buster' in the universe. His real name is not known, Umibouzu 星海坊主 , literally Galaxy (a sea of stars) Monk is the nickname given in honour of his fighting prowess.This name is likely to be 'inspired' by the Japanese mythological creature Umibouzu but with the kanji name 海坊主, a sea monster said to have a large round head like those of Buddhist monks.

Kagura called him 'Papi'.

Umibouzu 星海坊主 and Housen 鳳仙 once fought each other continuously for 3 days, the only reason they stopped fighting was because Umibouzu 星海坊主 needed a toilet break, and no victor was declared.

He starred in a supposedly planet-saving heroic deed but which turned out to be a 30-minute commercial for hair-growth solution in Episode 96.


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Very sensitive about his 'baldness' and towards the phrase hage, which is Japanese for bald. He also has a strong instinct of a Yato, but he has eventually suppressed his instinct because he's afraid that it may destroy his family one day. Umibouzu is very protective of Kagura, and would do everything for her sake. At first, he does not like Gintoki because he doesn't want Kagura to live under the same roof with him. However, after fighting the parasitic alien along with Gintoki, he finally realized Gintoki's good side and how important he is to Kagura. He entrusted Kagura to Gintoki and let her stay at Yorozuya afterwards.

Background Story

Umibouzu 星海坊主 left home after he nearly killed his own son, in order to distance himself from his family to avoid a repeat incident. The confrontation with his own son led him to lose 1 arm. After learning that Kagura 神楽 left home and went to Earth, he tried to take her back. However, after reflecting and considering Kagura's feelings, he let her stay on Earth with the Yorozuya 万事屋.

He once chased after Kouga 江華 for 3 days and 3 nights as she battled 59 giantic snakes on Planet Kouan, before eventually winning her over to become his wife.


His little remaining hair was ripped off and eaten by Kagura mistakenly as sukonbu while she was half-conscious from injuries due to fighting the Parasitic Alien 寄生型えいりあん in Episode 42.

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