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General Trivia

  • Episode with the most number of voice-over actors: Episode ____ (link) with ___ seiyuu (as shown in ending credits)
  • Episode with the most number of spoofs/external references : Episode ____ (link)with ___ different references

Did you know?

  • In Episode 109, the seiyuus for Dragon Leader (aka Jackie Chan), 石丸 博也 Ishimaru Hiroya and Fei / Debugon (aka Samo Hung), 水島 裕 Mizushima Yuu, are the actual seiyuus for all Jackie Chan and Samo Hung roles in the Japanese dubs of the Hong Kong Movies.
  • The episode title for Episode 60 陽はまた昇る hi wa mata noboru aka 'The sun will rise again' is also the title of a DOES song. 「修羅」 Shura by DOES is the ED theme for this particular episode.
  • Shimura Shinpachi has an uncanny affinity with the number '8'. Part of his name, pachi is actually hachi in kanji, meaning '8'. His birthday is in the month of August, though the date is on the 12th. For 3 times in a row now, he has ranked as the 8th most popular Gintama character in Weekly Shounen Jump polls, leading to the manga author Sorachi Hideaki exclaiming "It's a Shinpachi Miracle!!".
  • Did you know that both the seiyuus for Kamenashi and Otohime (of the Dragon Palace City Chapter) have identical birthdays to the characters they voice? 白鳥 哲 Shiratori Tetsu (for Kamenashi) is born on 21 Mar just like Kamenashi and 高島 雅羅 Takashima Gara's birthday is on 2 Mar, just like Otothime's.

The Invincible Touyako Bokutou

Sakata Gintoki has eliminated myriad enemies using just his invincible 木刀 bokutou aka Wooden sword with 洞爺湖 touyako aka Lake Toya engraved on it. In Episode 31, Shinpachi said that whether the opponents are huge robots or weapons of mass-destruction, Gintoki had always used his wooden katana to defeat them. However, his bokutou was no match for the Benizakura in Episode 58, during which it broke.
The following feats were accomplished:

  1. Episode JUMP FESTA - Bokotou was used to slice through Katsura Kotarou's mecha unit, causing it to explode
  2. Episode 3 - Destroyed the engine of the 天国 tengoku aka Paradise, the flying shabu-shabu club that Shimura Tae was forced to go work in as debt repayment in return for keeping the family dojo.
  3. Episode 14 - In the cooking demonstration omake near the end, Gintoki used the bokotou to dice up onions in the air.
  4. Episode 32 - after recovering his memory, Gintoki used the bokutou to smash up the Mamushi-Z laser-beam canon.
  5. Episode 105 - Brought down a helicopter while the steel strings of Kawakami Bansai's shamizen are attached to the bokutou.
  6. Episode 146 - Defeated the powerful Yato Amanto 'Night King' Housen with it, with help from other people.
  7. Episode 178 - Fended off multiple kunai attacks from Jiraia

Sadaharu Bites

Number of different human/amanto heads Sadaharu has bitten: ______

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'Attacks' on Hijikata by Okita

Number of different ways Okita Sougo tried to 'do Hijikata Toushirou in': ______

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Main Fight Scenes

The table below summarizes the various fight-scenes in this series: (to expand further --Gin-san 17:58, 5 May 2009 (UTC))

Episode Parties involved (challenger's name comes first) Result of fight
5 Hijikata Toushirou vs Sakata Gintoki Inconclusive.
Reason: Shinsengumi raided Jouishishi's hideout, Hijikata went after Gintoki, but fight disrupted by Okita firing a bazooka in their direction, narrowly missing Hijikata.
7 Kondou Isao vs Sakata Gintoki Kondou lost.
Reason: Kondou challenged Gintoki to a duel for Shimura Tae's hand in the mistaken belief that Gintoki is going out with Otae, a misconception that Otae helped perpetuate. Gintoki cheated by secretly slicing a part of the bokutou he lent to Kondou which broke in the midst of the fight, allowing Gintoki to win.
9 Hijikata Toushirou vs Sakata Gintoki Hijikata lost.
Reason: Hijikata went after Gintoki to avenge Kondou's honour in the earlier fight in Episode 7. He handed Okita's katana to Gintoki, and managed to injure Gintoki's left shoulder. However Gintoki swiftly ended the fight by breaking Hijikata's katana blade.
42 Umibouzu vs Alien
44 Yorozuya, Katsura Kotarou & Sarutobi Ayame vs Shinobi 5
52 Okada Nizou vs Sakata Gintoki Okada lost.
Reason: Okada's blade broke without his realising when he first struck Gintoki, injuring his left shoulder and grabbing Kanshichirou away from Ofusa. The subsequent clash Gintoki escaped injury due to Okada's non-existent blade, and he bashed up Okada in return.
58 Okada Nizou vs Katsura Kotarou Katsura lost.
Reason: Okada took him down on the bridge before Katsura had time to recover from the shock of seeing the bio-mechanical Benizakura. Okada cut off Katsura's long hair as memento of his vanquished target and left him for dead. Katsura went missing thereafter and did not surface until Episode 61.
58 Okada Nizou vs Sakata Gintoki Inconclusive. Both parties seriously injured.
Reason: Gintoki went up against Okada with his usual wooden katana. During the fight, Gintoki was taken aback when he saw the bio-mechanical sword Benizakura suddenly come to life, and Okada took the opportunity to inflict serious wound to Gintoki's torso. Gintoki reflexively grabbed onto the blade with both hands, immobilizing the blade long enough for Shinpachi to slice off Okada's right arm.
61 Katsura Kotarou & Sakata Gintoki vs Amantos Inconclusive.
Reason: Katsura & Gintoki escaped via parachute after holding off Amantos long enough for others to escape.
61 Sakata Gintoki vs Okada Nizou Okada lost.
Reason: When Gintoki was almost strangled in the coils of the transformed Benizakura, which had by then taken control of Okada's body, Murata Tetsuko tried to save him by stabbing Okada. When Okada turn on her, her brother Murata Tetsuya then tried to save her, but at the cost of his own life. Gintoki was then able to take the respite to finish off the Benizakura-controlled Okada, however, his own Tetsuko-made katana too broke in the process.
78 Hijikata Toushirou vs Kitaooji Itsuki Kitaooji lost.
Reason: It was a fight between 2 different sword styles, the city fighting style based on theoretical training espoused by Kiaooji vs the countryside sword style based on practical experience as represented by Hijikata. Hijikata eventually won through street-wise experience.
79 Kondou Isao vs Toujou Ayumu Toujou Ayumu lost.
Reason: Stuck in the toilet cubicles without toilet paper except sand paper, both Kondou and Toujou resisted to the end before both suddenly burst out of the cubicles at the same time to engage each other. Kondou managed to break Toujou's dish and therefore won on technicality, even though Kondou himself collapsed immediately afterwards.
81 Sakata Gintoki & Shimura Shinpachi vs Yagyuu Binbokusai & Yagyuu Kyuubei Shinpachi won
Reason: Gintoki helped fend off the bulk of the attacks from the 2 legendary swordsmen, allowing Shinpachi to eventually rally himself (and pick up his eye-glasses, without which he can't see well) for the final strike.
87 Hijikata Toushirou vs Kuraba Touma & Joui rebels Shinsengumi won.
Reason: Shinsengumi arrived to back up Hijikata's foolhardy solitary fight against a big horde of Joui rebels standing by Kuraba Touma. Okita Sougo eventually eliminated Kuraba Touma& ?? by slicing their getaway car in 2 helped by Hijikata, Shinsengumi arrested the remaining rebels.
105 Kawakami Bansai vs Sakata Gintoki Kawakami lost. Both parties injured.
Reason: Gintoki was trying to help the perilously dangling remains of the train wrecked, but Bansai kept standing in his path. Eventually Gintoki mustered all his strength to bring down the helicopter Bansai was on by yanking on his bokutou which were held fast by Bansai's steel strings from his shamizen weapon.
105 Hijikata Toushirou vs Itou Kamotarou Itou lost.
Reason: Itou lost left arm in train crash, and was subsequently executed by Hijikata
141 Kamui vs Housen Inconclusive
Reason: Fight was interrupted, Abuto lost an arm and Ungyou his life trying to prevent the two from continuing their fight
142 Kagura vs Abuto Inconclusive.
Reason: Both Kagura and Abuto fell off the building, but Abuto gave her a push, sending her back up to safety as he fell into the murky depths.
146 Sakata Gintoki & Hyakka vs Housen Housen lost.
Reason: Housen was eventually defeated when the roof was opened up and the sunlight came through, weakening and eventually killing the sunlight-averse Yato.
177 Tsukuyo & Sakata Gintoki vs Jiraia & Red Spider Gang Tsukuyo & Sakata Gintoki lost.
Reason: Gintoki was seriously injured by Jiraia, and his body fell into the river, while Tsukuyo was captured back Jiraia.
181 Sakata Gintoki vs Jiraia Jiraia lost.
Reason: Gintoki, having beaten Jiraia in a duel in his spider web, was walking away when Jiraia attempted to attack him from behind, where upon his protege, Tsukuyo slashed Jiraia's neck, causing profuse bleeding. Jiraia was last seen being helped off stage by Tsukuyo.
187 Okita Sougo vs Soukaitou gang Shinsengumi won.
Reason: Okita was barely hanging on, using 2 katanas to deflect machine gun's bullets, but Kamiyama turned up with Yorozuya and Shinsengumi which wiped out the remaining Soukaitou gang members, leaving only Tendou Soutatsu which Okita dealt with in 1 easy strike.
192 Houichi, Gin & other cats vs Lion-like Chimera Cats won.
Reason: All the cats ganged up against the gigantic Lion-like Chimera upon Gin aka Gintoki's urging after Houichi became injured and exhausted.
Sakata Gintoki vs Shirino Douman

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