Space Woman スペースウーマン

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Space Woman
Other Names Akiko
アキコverify: chk kanji?
Seiyuu 深見 梨加
Fukami Rica
Vi-vo Link
ANN Link
Birthday 10 Jul / Cancer
Age 37
Species Outer space being
Gender Female
Height 40 m
Weight 35,000 ton


First appeared in Episode 93, Space Woman is a 37-year-old outer-space heroine whose job is to protect inhabitants of other planets. Due to her working hours and nature of her work, she was unable to get hitched even though she was long past marriageable age. She has a red-coloured timer button on her forehead that beeps every 3 minutes reminding her to call home, upon which the button turns blue. She once fell in love with her married superior, Hiroshi ヒロシ, but she ditched him in favour of Colonel Cherry in spite of her superior divorcing his wife.


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