Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八

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Shimura Shinpachi
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Seiyuu 阪口 大助
Sakaguchi Daisuke
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Occupation Yorozuya
Affiliations Yorozuya Gin Chan, Shimura Family
万事屋銀ちゃん, 志村家
Birthday 12 Aug / Leo
Age 16
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown, wears glasses.
Height 166 cm
Weight 55 kg
Status Live
Others Right-handed. First Kiss given to Pandemonium
"Once a samurai has made up his mind to protect something, he will protect it right to his death."
Shimura Shinpachi


Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八 is a member of the Yorozuya and a samurai in training. He is the tsukkomi aka 'straight guy' of the series, delivering the requisite reality-checks or punchlines against other characters' farcical antics. He has limited dojo training, but inherited a dojo together with his older sister Shimura Tae called Koudoukan (恒道館), specialising in the Tendoumushin sword-fighting style (天堂無心流 - Tendou Mushin Ryuu).


Shinpachi has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a light blue keikogi with blue linings and a blue hakama.

Throughout the series he is seen wearing various disguises and has been shown in different styles for gags.


Shinpachi is frequently teased by Sakata Gintoki, supposedly his employer and later on, by Yagyuu Kyuubei for having a 'sister-complex' for being overly attached to his sister. Because he is not as highly skilled as Kagura, he is often bullied by Kagura who literally gives him a physical thrashing. He takes charge of all the household chores in the Yorozuya due to his 'inclination to care for other people' (as he explained during the Goukon in Episode 88). All of the above, combined with his plain bespectacled look made him the archetypal downtrodden nerdy character. In Episode 106 he was portrayed as a horse with eye-glasses while the others were shown as warriors on horses. Whenever Makoto, the 'Centaur' character/mascot played by Gintoki with Kagura as a corpse makes an appearance, Shinpachi is the hind quarters of the horse (for example Episode 124). To expand:

  • Rabid fan of fictional pop-idol Otsuu in the same series, gets so moved by her songs that tears fall down whenever he listens to her songs
  • Leader of the Terakado Tsuu's Imperial Guards ...
  • likes to sing, but is totally tone-deaf
  • according to Gintoki in Episode 126, Shinpachi is made up of 95% eye-glasses, remaining 5% comprises 3% water and 2% rubbish
  • Has studied sword fighting at his families dojo
  • Although his fighting abilities are not as strong as his two friends , Kagura with her monstrous strength and Gintoki with his sword mastery, he has been shown to be able to fight with not only his sword but in boxing and with his intelligence. He was able to knock back Kyuubei in Episode 81 and fight with Tosshi using boxing in Episode 163 and figure out a way to get past Hijikata's human wall in Episode 159.clean-up:to rephrase, omit redundancy

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