Sarutobi Ayame 猿飛 あやめ

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Sarutobi Ayame
猿飛 あやめ
Seiyuu 小林 ゆう
Kobayashi Yuu
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Occupation Killer for hire / Stalker
Affiliations Shimatsu-ya
Birthday 2 Jun / Gemini
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Light purple
Eyes Greyish light purple
Height 169 cm
Weight 52 kg
Status Live

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Ninja by training, she developed a serious obsessive infatuation on Sakata Gintoki and started stalking him from Episode 22 onwards. Now working at 始末屋 shimatsu ya, a killer-for-hire outfitverify: check actual job description?


Severely myopic, to the point of being almost blind (cannot tell living things from inanimate objects) without her eye glasses.


Though Gintoki is indifferent to her affections and even treated her badly most times (e.g throwing things at her whenever he sensed her stalker presence), her 'M' or masochistic personality meant she enjoyed the punishment and his 'cruelty' only served to encourage her. Despite the 'stalker' label, she felt insulted to be compared to Kondou Isao and his stalking of Shimura Tae, and likewise for Kondou.

Loves to use natto beans 納豆, a sticky fermented bean dish, as a form of weapon.

Background Story

To expand:

  • Tried to trick Gintoki into marrying her, when she 'crash-landed' onto him in his bed while he was drunk, leading to Shinpachi thinking that they spent the night together.verify: which episode? details?


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