Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時

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Sakata Gintoki
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杉田 智和
Sugita Tomokazu
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Childhood 矢口 アサミ
Yaguchi Asami
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Occupation Yorozuya
Affiliations Yorozuya Gin Chan
Old Yorozuya (Former)
Joushishi (Former)
Birthday 10 Oct / Libra
Age 20's
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Silver, natural perm
Eyes Reddish-brown
Height 177 cm
Weight 65 kg
Status Live
Others Right-handed

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"A person's whole life, is just like carrying a heavy baggage traveling on a long journey."
Sakata Gintoki


Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時 is the founder of Yorozuya and a highly skilled samurai, who enjoys eating sweet things and picking his nose in public. Other than the name 'Gintoki', he is also referred to as Gin-chan or Gin-san, Yorozuya Danna aka Yorozuya Boss. When he cross-dresses, he is known as パー子 paako, complete with twin pony tails and big breasts. Sakamoto Tatsuma persists on calling him 金時 Kintoki, which happens to be his name in Kintama 金魂, parody of Gintama set in the alternative world of Male Host Clubs. Otose usually uses 天然パーマ tennen paama aka Natural Perm when scolding Gintoki, likewise Catherine alternates between Sakata-san and アホの坂田 aho no sakata aka Idiot Sakata. 坂田氏 Sakata-shi is used only by Hijikata when under possession by Tosshi. Gin is used by Oiwa and Rei. Tsukuyo 月詠 simply calls him 'Gintoki' though she referred to his hair as a 'burnt wild field' in Episode 177.

When he was turned into a cat in Episode 190, Houichi shortened his name to just "Gin".


Gintoki has silver hair and a natural perm. He wears black shirt and pants with red linings and a white yukata (summer kimono) with light blue patterns worn sloppily, draped over the left shoulder. He carries his 木刀 bokutou aka wooden katana engraved with 洞爺湖 touyako aka Lake Toya on the handle, by his waist.

Throughout the series he is seen wearing various disguises and has been shown in different styles for gags.

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He is quite laid back and lazy. Even though he is strong, he acts like a coward most of the time to avoid pointless fights. He likes sweet food and strawberry milk, and although he is on the verge of developing diabetes, he does not have diabetes yet. He believes that calcium is a source of great strength often saying things such as "Yes, calcium! If we have enough calcium, we can do anything!". Gintoki also seems to believe in the importance of having a loving family as he once admitted that having a loving family is all someone really needs in life possibly due to the fact that he never had one himselfverify: source? .

Although he is always getting roughed up by women most notably Shimura Tae and Kagura, despite being unbelievably strong in front of powerful opponents such as Okada Nizou, Housen and Jiraia, he is protective and chivalrous towards them when serious. In Episode 177 when he and Tsukuyo were discovered by the Red Spider gang while spying on their hideout, he spun an outrageous tale about being married to Tsukuyo and already had kids so big that they can't wear jumpers properly with their 'long nape hair', in order to protect her from the gangsters.verification/corroboration needed

He can be quite fatherly towards his younger charges on occasions, especially Kagura since she is staying with him, though more often than not he is arguing with them. When Kagura insists on going for the radio exercises in the pouring rain in episode 189, he forbade her, and persuaded her to stay indoors by saying that when it rains, it is like winning the battle without fighting, and that he will stamp her card for her later. He also tried to skip his job to take Kagura to hospital when she was not feeling well in episode 91. In the whole series, he is the one who takes care of Kagura the most, even more than her father.

He likes drinking and prefers sake that is not too strong, and he frequently returns home drunk. In Episode 22 he was so knocked out that he could not remember what he did with Sarutobi Ayame, and he took her word for it when she lied that something had happened between them the night before.

He loves playing pachinko and other gambling related activities such as betting on horses (Episode 155), but he is totally clueless on how to play mahjong (Episode 49).

To expand:
Likes; dirty talk or say things that always contain some scatological innuendo,
His strengths/weaknesses;

  • Stubbornly refuses to admit the existence of spirits/ghosts (calls them 'Stands') yet has remarkable ability to sense them and can still maintain his self-consciousness to manipulate them even as they possess him in the Onsen Chapter Episode 134.
  • During Joui wars, was the legendary 白夜叉 Shiroyasha aka White Demon
  • Current combat & sword skills are high enough that the blood-thirsty Yato Kamui has staked his claim on him as his future prey Episode 146
  • Umibouzu stated himself that he "carries himself with a certain grace. Like a master of the sword." in Episode 200
  • Yagyuu Binbokusai 柳生 敏木斎 conceded that Gintoki's sword style may well be his own, and not affiliated to any school.
  • Does not like killing, willing to adapt his bushido to other people's or the current times in order to avoid needless loss of lives, as explained to Katsura in Episode 5. This is the most probable reason for his carrying a wooden sword and not a real version.
  • the target of 'M' aka masochistic stalker Sarutobi Ayame 猿飛 あやめ

Background Story

When Yoshida Shouyou heard stories about a 'demon devouring dead human flesh' at some Joui battlefield, he set forth to investigate. There he found a starving young Gintoki stealing food from the dead to feed himself, with a badly worn out katana for self-defense. On seeing Yoshida, Gintoki instinctively drew the sword in preparation to fight, but was surprised when Yoshida threw his own good sword to him with the words 'Use this to protect your soul'.verify: actual words?


  • It seems that Gintoki has been having recurring nightmares about his past. In Episode 13, Katsura asked him whether he was having bad dreams about the past again after Gintoki woke up suddenly.
  • In Episode 45 Gintoki accidentally revealed his genitals on the national news after forgetting to zip up his pants while Hanano Ana was trying to get the Yorozuya's comments on the Sadaharu which had become oversized overnight.
  • One running gag is that whenever Gintoki wants to bribe someone to do something, he would always comically offer 300 yen.
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