Sakamoto Tatsuma 坂本 辰馬

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Sakamoto Tatsuma
坂本 辰馬
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Seiyuu 三木 眞一郎
Miki Shinichiro
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Affiliations Kaientai
Birthday 15 Nov / Scorpio
Age 20's
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Short Brown, natural perm
Height 181 cm
Weight 70 kg
Status Live
Others Right-handed

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"A-ha-ha-ha-ha! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
Sakamoto Tatsuma


Leader of the commercial entity by the name of Kaientai 快援隊, which operates from a flying ship that traverses the galaxy for business opportunities. Labeled a 'natural-idiot'[2], yet Sakamoto Tatsuma displayed his leadership qualities when he is willing to sacrifice himself to save others when he was held captive by the alien in Episode ?. His ultra positive attitude sometimes lead him into all sorts of trouble as he tends to dismiss bad things as just 'imagination, a-ha-ha-ha-ha'.

However, his affable nature is less appreciated by his number 2, Mutsu 陸奥, who had to constantly track down her wanderlust leader whose movements are totally unpredictable.

He is obsessed with spaceships, and while fighting in the Joui wars with Sakata Gintoki et al, he dreamt of traveling through the galaxy in a spaceship. He eventually broke away from the Joui movement to pursue this dream, with great commercial success.

He is also infatuated with Oryou, a hostess working at Snack Smile and usually ends up being kicked at his crotch (Episode 57).

In Episode 32 the spaceship he piloted crash landed on Yorozuya's office because he ran out of fuel, and he subsequently sent a pair of carpentars Unkei and Kaikei to help repair the building in Episode 33.

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  • 北辰一刀流
  • 坂本龍馬の 愛刀 - 陸奥守吉行 Mutsu's Nokami Yoshiyuki
  • Comes from a rich family (trained at a reputable fencing school)verification/corroboration needed


Curly short brown hair, wears reddish sun shades.


Sakamoto has a habit of calling Gintoki "Kintoki", even though he berated Gintoki for getting another Joui fighter's name wrong in Episode 33. He also explained in the same episode that whenever he writes letters, he has the urge to add "P.S" at the end.

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