Rei レイ

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Seiyuu 小林 沙苗
Kobayashi Sanae
Production Baobab link
ANN Link
Birthday 18 Mar / Pisces
Species 'Stand'/ Supernatural Spirit/ Human
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Weight Weightless - kg
Status Dead / Lingering Spirit


Rei is a "Stand" or supernatural spirit that appeared in the Onsen chapter. An orphan, Oiwa took her in as a child and the young Rei has been helping out at the onsen ever since. It is not known how she died, but at the end of the Onsen Chapter, she decided she did not want to achieve enlightenment and wanted to stay behind with the living Oiwa to help run the onsen and scrub Gintoki's back (since he said he does not want an old woman like Oiwa to scrub his back).


Translucent, since she is technically a "ghost". Does not leave foot prints when she walks in the snow, wears the traditional Japanese costume for the dead, including the white kimono and hitaieboshiverify: check vocab again on the forehead.


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