Hayashi Ryuuzan 林 流山

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Hayashi Ryuuzan
林 流山
Hayashi-ryuuzan mug.png
Other Names Professor Hayashi
Seiyuu 堀 之紀
Hori Yukitoshi
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Birthday 23 Jan / Aquarius
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 174 cm
Weight 60 kg
Status Became No.502, killed in the core of the Terminal by Tama


Devastated by the death of his daughter Hayashi Fuyou 林 芙蓉, widower Hayashi Ryuuzan 林 流山 devoted his life to 'resurrecting' his daughter by extracting her personality data and injecting it into robots. This was the basis for the Fuyou Project 「芙蓉プロジェクト」. Considered a genius scientist by the community, he plotted his own 'death' to turn into a robot himself, i.e. No.502.[2]

Knowing that his daughter may not live long, he conducted experiments on his own sickly daughter to extract her personality data, which eventually hastened her death.[3]

Hiraga Gengai, the other inventor genius in Edo, said that their philosophies towards machines are the exact opposite. He said Professor Hayashi's creations are beautiful and intricate, whereas his machines are crude and ugly.


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