Otose お登勢

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Other Names Terada Ayano
寺田 綾乃
Current Voice Actor
Current Voice Actor
81 Produce Link
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Young Terada Ayano 榎本 温子
Enomoto Atsuko
Young Terada Ayano
81 Produce Link
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Occupation Bar Owner
Affiliations 4 Devas of Kabuki District
Otose Snack Bar
Birthday 7 Jul / Cancer
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Black
Height 166 cm
Weight 48 kg
Status Live


Otose お登勢 is the genjina or 'professional name', her real name is Terada Ayano 寺田 綾乃. One of the 4 Devas of Kabuki District かぶき町四天王 kabuki chou shitennou, she is the landlord of the Yorozuya, which takes up the upper floor of her 2-storey pub. Her pub is on the ground floor, which goes by the name of "Snack Otose".


Said to be a beauty in her younger days, she was the love interest of both Doromizu Jirochou and Terada Tatsugorou.

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Otose is a very strong and independent lady.

Background Story

In Episode 55, it was mentioned that Doromizu Jirochou 泥水 次郎長, one of the other 4 Devas of Kabuki District, used to admire her. According to Kurogoma Katsuo in Episode 211, Otose and Jirochou grew up together and were very close. She was apparently the only one to keep watch over him and constantly reprimand him for his misdemeanors in his childhood, as a result of which Jirochou did not go astray. Otose eventually got married to Terada Tatsugorou, an early generation Jouishishi member and a Edo-period police officer, who became Jirochou's close friend due to their shared ideals of protecting the streets though they are on opposite sides of the law. Said to be a beauty in her youth, both Jirochou and Tatsugorou fell in love with Otose. Jirochou knew that his choice of life could never bring Otose happiness and chose to withdraw from the love triangle in spite of his feelings for her. Tatsugorou was killed in the battle field shielding a bullet from Jirochou. On the behest of the dying Tatsugorou to take care of Kabuki District and Otose, Jirochou decided to station himself in the Kabuki District near Otose, leaving behind his wife and new-born child.


In Episode 43, Otose was seen to slither her tongue, which led to Sarutobi Ayame commenting that Orochimaru might be inside the old hag. The seiyuu for Otose is also the voice actor for Orochimaru in Naruto.

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