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Okita Sougo 沖田 総悟

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Okita Sougo
沖田 総悟
Seiyuu 鈴村 健一
Suzumura Kenichi
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Birthday 8 Jul / Cancer
Age 18
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Sandy coloured
Eyes Reddish-brown
Height 170 cm
Weight 58 kg
Status Live
Others Right-handed

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"The only person I despise is Hijikata."
Okita Sougo


Currently the 1st Division Captain of the Shinsengumi 真選組, Okita Sougo 沖田 総悟 was a trainee at Kondou's dojo in his youth and one of the best swordsmen there before joining Shinsengumi. Fiercely loyal to Commander Kondou, he pretended to defect to Itou Kamotarou's camp in order to stay by his commander to ensure his safety.

Acknowledged as the 美少年 bishounen aka 'beautiful youth' of the series, Gintoki took a mug-shot of him attempting to slice up Shinpachi and sent it off as Shinpachi's photo in the Pen-pal Chapter, explaining that he 'looked better' than Shinpachi. Belying the innocent-looking good looks however, is an insanely sadistic personality that is always trying 'kill-off' his Vice-Commander Hijikata Toushirou 土方 十四郎, on the pretext of ambition that he wants the Vice-Commander role. However, events in Episodes 86 & 87 hint that he may perhaps be jealous that Hijikata always appeared to usurp the attention of those near and dear to him.

Okita Sougo lost both his parents while very young, and his sister Okita Mitsuba single-handedly brought little Sougo up. As a result, Sougo was very attached and respectful, almost reverential to his older sister, addressing her in very respectful terms as a-ne-ue and o-ne-san. In her presence, his language became very proper and polite, using the more formal 僕 boku to refer to himself instead of his usual 俺 ore slang.

He also regards Kagura 神楽 as a rival after an unfinished rock-paper-scissors duel during a sakura-blossom party. He states that he'll "be the only one to defeat her", and usually calls her "China".

A list of his 'attacks' on Hijikata Toushirou can be found here.


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Okita's propensity for scatological remarks is probably on par with Gintoki's. In Episode 77, when Toujou Ayumu's rice and raw egg dish landed on Kagura, Okita noted that the raw egg was dripping down her clothes in between her legs, and asked her whether she is ovulating. In the same episode, his sadistic nature can be clearly seen when he found out that Kagura's right wrist has been broken by Nishino Tsukamu in the dish-smashing contest in the Yagyuu compound, he 'offered' to heal it for her by twisting her wrist back in the opposite direction.

  • Sadistic streak, collared and chained up Urara うらら on a metal leash in a 'M' playing role (aka masochistic).
  • Eyes the Vice-Commander position, always trying to 'kill off' Hijikata or frame him for other misdemeanors
  • his attempts on Hijikata appear real enough that Hijikata was genuinely fearful that he would be killed off during the 'Saw' parody in Episodes 148 & 149
  • very attached to his older sister Okita Mitsuba 沖田 ミツバ, who brought him up from young when both were orphaned, speaks formally with courtesy in her presence instead of his usual slang peppered with scatological references, kneels and beg for her forgiveness when she gently told him off for bullying Yamazaki when she first arrived at the Shinsengumi HQ
  • Hijikata mentioned in Episode 20 that Okita is the King of the Planet of Sadists
  • owns a katana 菊一文字 RX-78 Kiku-ichimonji RX-78, the model number is a GUNDAM pot-shot, see Episode 101

Background Story

During his childhood Sougo's parents had passed away leaving his sicklyverify: not sick then?

older sister, Okita Mitsuba, to raise him by herself in their home village. Because of his distantverify: spoilt by sister, aloof?

personality he never had many friends, but that was until he caught the eye of Kondou Isao who took him in as a trainee into his Dojo. He grew fond of Kondou and the dojo but soon enough he grew distantverification/corroboration needed

once again after a new student, Hijikata Toushirou joined the dojo. Soon enough Hijikata began a closeverify: okita's perception?

friendship with Kondou and Mitsuba, this accompanied by his arrogantverify: okita's perception?

behavior at the dojo caused Sougo to hate Hijikata with a great passion. A few years later Sougo along with the other Dojo students set off for Edo and subsequently set up the Shinsengumi. Okita Mitsuba wanted to go with Sougo to watch over him and to be with Hijikata. However after Hijikata rejected Mitsuba's request that she wanted to follow him (out of knowledge that the path he has chosen may cause him to lose his life at any time) Sougo's hatred for Hijikata had become very intenseverify: did it intensify?

and ever since he has attempted numerous murder attemptsverify: pranks, not serious attempts, main intention is to upstage Hijikata and take his position

on Hijikata, from Voodooism to shooting him with a bazooka.


In the original Japanese manga he likes to end his sentences in '~desaa' and "~desuzee'. Sorachi originally designed Okita as a female, and wielding an umbrella, but had to change it to a male since only men are allowed in the Shinsengumi[2].

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