Oiwa お岩

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Seiyuu 巴 菁子
Tomoe Seiko
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Occupation Owner of Senboukyou Onsen Guesthouse
Affiliations Senboukyou Onsen Guesthouse
Birthday 9 Jun / Gemini
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 154 cm
Weight 46 kg
Status Live


An old friend of Otose, Oiwa is the owner of a dilapidated onsen guesthouse called Senboukyou 仙望郷 tucked away in the remote mountains, who first appeared in Episode 131. In reality the onsen is a final resting place for departed spirits before they pass on to the "other world".

Said to have been Otose's love rival in the love triangle involving them and Otose's departed husband Terada Tatsugorou 寺田 辰五郎 in their younger days.


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