No.502 伍丸弐號

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No. 502
502 mug.png
Seiyuu 神谷 浩史
Kamiya Hiroshi
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Affiliations Hayashi Family
Manufacture Date 23 Jan / Aquarius
Species Robot
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Height 174 cm
Weight 130 kg
Status Destroyed in the core of the Terminal by Tama


A highly intelligent high-tech robot injected with the personality data of Professor Hayashi, this model resembles human beings the most. Data corruption led it to stage a coup d'etat to establish a 'nation of robotic maids' to accompany his dead daughter whose personality data the living Professor Hayashi has injected into Tama. It was able to think up of the plan to gather all the robots, all the while making use of Professor Meguro to implement it, and even killed Professor Meguro in the end.

No. 502 has the ability to regenerate itself no matter what kind of damage it suffers. Its data chip is only 1 micron in size, making it extremely hard to pin-point and destroy. Its arms can turn into long-range sharp weapons which it can manipulate at will, and its eyes have the ability to track and analyze moving targets.


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