Mutsu 陸奥

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Mutsu mug.jpg
Seiyuu 渡辺 明乃
Watanabe Akeno
Office Osawa Link
ANN Link
Occupation Kaientai's Number 2 in command
Affiliations Kaientai
Birthday 7 Jul / Cancer
Species Yato Tribe
Gender Female
Hair Long Brown, straight
Height 158 cm
Weight 44 kg
Status Live


Mutsu is merchant ship Kaientai's number 2 in command, but is de facto the one running the company, since her 'natural idiot' leader Sakamoto Tatsuma 坂本 辰馬 is always going MIA (Missing in Action). Things got to the extent that she had to install a homing device in his pistol (Episode ?) so that when he fires it, the homing device will clue her in to his whereabouts.

Practising what Sakamoto preaches, when her own leader got captured by aliens, she ensured the safety of the ship's guests before proceeding to help her leader. Though Kaientai is a merchant ship, it is heavily armed, in the name of 'self-defense', though more often than not, it had to come and rescue Sakamoto.

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  • historical precedent is Mutsu Munemitsu 陸奥宗光 verification/corroboration needed
  • check 大義を失うな sakamoto's catchphrase?


Revealed in Episode 291 that she is from the Yato Tribe.


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