Murata Tetsuya 村田 鉄矢

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Murata Tetsuya
村田 鉄矢
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Seiyuu 大西 健晴
Oonishi Takeharu
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Occupation Swordsmith
Affiliations Murata Family
Birthday 11 Apr / Aries
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Navy blue
Height 175 cm
Weight 62 kg
Status Killed by Benizakura while trying to save sister Tetsuko.

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Elder son of Edo's greatest swordsmith Murata Jintetsu, Murata Tetsuya is the older brother of Murata Tetsuko. He has hearing problems and he speaks like he is shouting. Yet when Gintoki called him names, he immediately flung a hammer at his head. He is creator of the bio-mechanical sword Benizakura, which has the ability to self-learn from its user, in cahoots with Kiheitai's Takasugi Shinsuke.


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Tetsuya lived on the belief that a swordsmith only makes swords for killing, and wanted to make a sword that could cut through anything and anyone, so that he could surpass his father. Only during his final moments did he remember one of his father's most important lessons to him and his sister; that they hammer their own souls into shape just as they hammer the iron, and that they should become gentle people with integrity and live their lives beautifully.

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Families and Relations
Murata Family 村田家族 Murata Jintetsu 村田 仁鉄 · Murata Tetsuya 村田 鉄矢 · Murata Tetsuko 村田 鉄子

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