Murata Tetsuko 村田 鉄子

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Murata Tetsuko
村田 鉄子
Murata-tetsuko mug.png
Seiyuu 根本 圭子
Nemoto Keiko
81 Produce Link
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Occupation Swordsmith
Affiliations Murata Family
Birthday 8 Sep / Virgo
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Navy Blue
Eyes Dark Brown
Height 161 cm
Weight 50 kg
Status Live
"(I want to make) A sword that protects."
Murata Tetsuko 村田 鉄子


Talented swordsmith in the vein of her illustrious father Murata Jintetsu, Murate Tetsuko works together with her swordsmith brother Murata Tetsuya in the sword-making family business they inherited from their departed father. She was favoured by their father for her sword making skills over her brother because of her desire to make 'a sword that protects', as opposed to her brother's desire to make 'the strongest sword'.

She displayed a wide knowledge about swords, explained the history of the hikikomori-possessed cursed sword that is plaguing Hijikata to Yorozuya.


Short navy blue hair swept to the right, held in place by a light rust-coloured headband. When working, she usually wears a sleeveless top with dark brown edging and 3/4 pants. Changes to an orange jumpsuit when riding her scooter.


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Background Story

After her older brother Murata Tetsuya 村田 鉄矢 deliberately misled Sakata Gintoki into tracking down the purportedly missing Benizakura, only for him to get seriously injured, Murata Tetsuko 村田 鉄子 felt guilty and finally admitted that she was aware that her brother has manufactured the bio-mechanical sword Benizakura in cahoots with Kiheitai 鬼兵隊, though she did not alert Gintoki to it initially. She came to the injured Gintoki asking for help to stop her brother, and gave him a katana with a coiling dragon emblem on the hilt that on first glance, resembled a pile of poop.

In Gintoki's hand, this sword finally cracked the blade of the Benizakura, which had already engulfed Okada Nizou then, thereby destroying it though its own blade too was broken.


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Families and Relations
Murata Family 村田家族 Murata Jintetsu 村田 仁鉄 · Murata Tetsuya 村田 鉄矢 · Murata Tetsuko 村田 鉄子

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