Mu-san ムーさん

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Seiyuu 下山 吉光
Shimoyama Yoshimitsu
Free Agent
ANN Link
Affiliations Advertisement Agency Producer
Species Human
Gender Male


Spoof of ex-producer 武藤大司 Mutou Dashi from Dentsu, the advertisement agency for this anime series, part-owner of the copyrights for the anime series.

First appeared in Episode 8 (the name "Mu-san" was shown in the ending credits) as the drunkard who vomited on Hijikata's feet and trousers.

He was apparently thought to have been murdered in a hot spring in Episode 30 (which is a spoof of many detective series), but it turned out that he only passed out from the hot steam.verification/corroboration needed


Shaven pate with a chonmage, and wears a Western suit.


Please describe his personality.

Background Story

Please describe his background story, how he came to be in this current form/situation.


verify: wakanabe, not mutou, move to wakanabe page

Mutou Dashi is purportedly the caligrapher responsible for the black-and-white Japanese scripts that appear as the episode titles at the beginning of every episode (and mid-way of any episode that comes in Part A and Part B). His name began appearing in Ending Credits from Episode ? onwards.

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