Matsudaira Katakuriko 松平 片栗虎

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Matsudaira Katakuriko
松平 片栗虎
Matsudaira mug.jpg
Seiyuu 若本 規夫
Wakamoto Norio
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Affiliations Police Superintendent
Birthday 9 Sep / Virgo
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eyes Always wear sun-shades
Height 168 cm
Weight 64 kg
Status Live
Others Frequent smoker.

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As a high-ranking government officer under direct control of the Bakufu government, Police Superintendent Matsudaira Katakuriko 松平 片栗虎 is in charge of the Shinsengumi 真選組 and the immediate superior of Commander Kondou Isao 近藤 勲. He has extremely violent tendencies, often seen wielding a pistol, or occasionally heavier weapons. He earned the nickname of 'God of Destruction' 破壊神 as his method of solving problems is to blow everything up using bazooka, tanks etc.

He believes that people who wear sunglasses are assassins/professional killers, even though he himself wears them. He believes in other abnormal things such as righteousness is what makes up 80% of old men and the police being not more than a group of mafia community.verification/corroboration needed

警察庁長官(けいさつちょうちょうかん、英:Commissioner General of the National Police Agency)verify: official title?


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He is also extremely protective of his daughter, Kuriko , enlisting Shinsengumi's top officers (namely the Commanders and Captains) to carry out a hit[1] against his daughter's date in Episode 35, proving himself to be a paranoid father. In Episode ? he again instigated his top 3 officers to go after the employees of the convenience store in which she was working part-time just because they tried to ask her out on a date.

In Episode 35 after he woke up from a drunken stupor and found himself arrested for apparently molesting Eromes, he was taken for interrogation by Hijikata Toushirou and Okita Sougo. They conveyed his wife's message to him, saying that she knew he was too cowardly to commit seppuku and so was offered a gun to put a bullet to his head.

A party-person who gets lewd when he is drunk, he frequently accompanies the Shogun Tokugawa Shige Shige 徳川 茂茂 on his outings, or rather, as Gintoki said, he tends to bring the Shogun to all sorts of seedy places, under the pre-text of being a 'father-figure' to the young Shogun.

  • womanizer, always frequenting hostess/cabaret clubs and is a VIP customer at 'Snack Smile'verification/corroboration needed

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  • chk ep.35:
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  1. Sorachi Hideaki, Gintama, VIZ media, Vol. 8, Lesson 65, page(s) 132.