Kurikan クリカン

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Kurikan mug.png
Seiyuu 山野井 仁
Yamanoi Jin
Office Osawa Link
ANN Link
Occupation Professional Thief
Affiliations Thief gang Cat's Punch
Birthday 3 Mar / Pisces
Species Amanto
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 63 kg


Leader of Thief Gang Cat's Punch 盗賊団「キャッツパンチ」, Kurikan tried to blackmail Catherine into becoming a thief again by threatening to harm Otose and her pub in Episode 97.


An Amanto with cat's ears on top of his head. Kurikan's appearance is a spoof of the leading character of Lupin III, another manga-based anime series which aired in the 1980s. The name "Kurikan" is an abbreviation of the the name of the seiyuu who voiced Lupin in that series, see Episode 97 for more details.


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