Kujaku Hime Kada 孔雀姫 華陀

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Kujaku Hime Kada
孔雀姫 華陀
Kujaku-hime mug.png
Other Names Nickname: Peacock Princess
Seiyuu 伊藤 美紀
Itou Miki
Office Osawa Link
ANN Link
Birthday 16 Aug / Leo
Species Amanto/ Shinra Tribe
Gender Female
Hair Cerulean Blue long hair
Eyes Red
Height 167 cm
Weight 51 kg


Also known as The Peacock Princess Kada, Kada is 1 of the 4 Devas of the Kabuki District (かぶき町四天王). A skilled professional gambler herself, she operates most of the gambling outfits in Kabuki District, one of which is 道楽 Douraku, which was shown in Episode 49. In Chapter 305, she was revealed to be a member of the Harusame Space Pirates.

In the 4 Devas Chapter, Kada made use of Chin Pirako by feigning alliance with her to eventually have Amantos take over the whole Kabuki District. To that end she held Saigou Teruhiko hostage to force Saigou Tokumori and his army of okama to demolish Otose's establishment thereby creating internal strife, and at the same time enlisted both Shinra and Yato fighters to finish off the remaining humans. After her plan to capture the whole Kabuki District fell through in Episode 214, she seemed to have gone insane, having been re-captured and locked up by Harusame.


Elf-like ears appearance, mole on forehead, she belongs to a race of Amantos called Shinra Tribe 辰羅族.


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Background Story

It was revealed in Episode 215 that she made off with huge sums from Harusame's coffers and escaped to Earth to evade their capture. It was through Takasugi Shinsuke's intervention that she got captured after her fall from being one of the 4 Devas of Kabuki District.


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