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Kouhai 後輩

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Seiyuu 近藤 浩徳
Kondoh Hironori
Atomic Monkey Link
ANN Link
Birthday 11 Mar / Pisces
Species Alien
Height 165 cm
Weight 57 kg


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The thick lipped and more junior member of the 2 aliens who appeared in the the Screwdriver Chapters (Episode ?). Both are rabid fans of the virtual RPG game Monkey Hunter. Came to Earth looking to repair their broken down PSP game console and was supposedly responsible for abducting a number of Gintama characters and changing them or parts of their bodies into screwdrivers, aka 'cattle mutilation' style. Both tried to leave Planet Earth after buying loads of game titles, but their spaceship was destroyed by Gintoki.


Dressed from top to toe in yellow tights, with 2 antennas on his head. The junior has thick lips.


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