Konishi 小西

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Konishi Kouhei
Seiyuu 鈴木 千尋
Suzuki Chihiro
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Affiliations Shueisha Weekly Shounen JUMP
集英社 「週刊少年ジャンプ」
Birthday 2 May / Taurus
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 149 cm
Weight 54 kg


Cameo of ex-Gintama editor (1st generation) 大西 恒平 Oonishi Kouhei, Jump Editor assigned to this manga series for about 4 years, manga chapter 1 (2003 Dec) to chapter 188 (2007 Nov). Now in charge of among other series, One Piece. In the first official character book, he was originally listed as 小東 "Kohigashi", with a estimated life span from 1978 to 2041? and that he loves bananas very much, but in the second book, he became known as 小西恒平 Konishi Kouhei.verify: who on p.198

In Gintama world, he is the editor-in-charge for the Gintaman series by manga author Amachi Hideaki 天知 英秋 until Daitou took over. First introduced in Episode ?, he started the "dondake" catchphrase trend in the anime series.verify: which?


Depicted as very short in height, but with very big male genitalia. Possibly a pun on his name since the manga author changed his name from 大, literal meaning 'big', to 小, literal meaning small. Full name as depicted in Episode 100verification/corroboration needed is 'Konishi Kouhei'. Bespectacled with small eyes and short black hair.


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  1. Translated from 空知英秋 Sorachi Hideaki, 銀魂五年生 Gintama 5th Graders (Gintama Official Character Book 2), 集英社 Shueisha Jump Comics, page 74.