Ketsuno Seimei 結野 晴明

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Ketsuno Seimei
結野 晴明
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Seiyuu 緑川 光
Midorikawa Hikaru
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Affiliations exorcist group 'Ketsuno Shuu'
陰陽師集団 「結野衆」
Birthday 21 Feb / Pisces
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Tan Light Brown
Height 179 cm
Weight 64 kg
Status Live

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Ketsuno Seimei 結野 晴明


Ketsuno Seimei is the older brother of Ketsuno Crystal 結野 クリステル, also known as Ketsuno Ana 結野アナ, the popular weather girl on Oedo TV programs.

Leader of exorcist group 結野衆, he is said to be the most powerful onmyouji in the history of the Ketsuno family.


He has tan light brown hair and a single ponytail. His resemblance to Itou Kamotarou is so strong that the anime episode preview poked fun at it.


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