Ketsuno Crystal 結野 クリステル

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Ketsuno Crystal
結野 クリステル
Other Names Ketsuno Ana
Seiyuu 成田 紗矢香
Narita Sayaka
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Occupation Weather Girl / Reporter
Affiliations Oedo TV
Birthday 14 Dec / Sagittarius
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Height 163 cm
Weight 45 kg


Ketsuno Ana 結野アナ is a popular weather girl from the Edo news on whom Gintoki has a major crush. Aside from her job as a weather girl, she also serves as a reporter. In Episode 195 it is revealed that her real name is Ketsuno Crystal 結野クリステル and has an older brother by the name of Ketsuno Seimei 結野 晴明, who is the leader of exorcist group 結野衆 ketsuno shuu. In Episode 195 it is revealed that she herself is a trained onmyouji and uses divination to forecast the weather, which explains why her weather forecasts are exceptionally accurate.

She was briefly married to Shirino Douman 巳厘野 道満 for barely 3 months (announced Episode 45's news) and had a quickie divorce. Shirino was her brother Seimei's childhood friend, and her brother, knowing that Shirino had been having on crush on Crystal since youth, married her off to him without her consent. However, seeing that Crystal was not happy after marriage and withdrew to herself, Seimei took the drastic decision of forcing Shirino and Crystal to divorce, in a ill-conceived attempt to regain his sister's happiness.

Ketsuno Crystal owns a dog to whom she gave the name of Last of Mohican Living of the Dead McGuffin ラストオブモヒカンリビングオブザデッドマクガフィン, to which Hasegawa Taizou commented has 100 times more meaning than his robot dog MADAO's name though Ketsuno herself states she chose the name "on the fly".

She has also appeared as guest on Tamo-san's variety show 'Telephone Shocking'verify: name of show?


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