Kawakami Bansai 河上 万斉

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Kawakami Bansai
河上 万斉
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Seiyuu 山崎たくみ
Yamazaki Takumi
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Affiliations Kiheitai
Birthday 20 May / Taurus
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Teal Green
Eyes Unknown, wears sun glasses
Height 179 cm
Weight 67 kg
Status Live

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A member of the Kiheitai 鬼兵隊, an extremist Joui faction bent on causing world destruction, Kawakami Bansai is a musically talented and highly skilled swordsman. Instrumental as the go-between for Itou Kamotarou and Kiheitai during the Mutiny Chapter, he was introduced as つんぼこと tsunbo koto (deaf man) in Episode 59 because he is always wearing the headphones. As music producer he is known as つんぽ tsunpo. Tsunpo is a derogatory term for hearing-impaired persons. He was called 人斬 hito-kiri (man-killer aka assassin) by Yamazaki Sagaru in Episode 104.

A hit-maker Music Producer, Kawakami produces Terakado Tsuu's albums and is responsible for composing many of her big hits.


Carries a shamisen with katana hidden inside. Like Takasugi, Kawakami too, plays the shamisen (Episode 105). His shamisen is capable of releasing its steel strings as a form of weapon to entwine his opponents.

Always seen in a teal green long overcoat, a pair of headphones with the yin-yang logo. He has teal green hair, always wearing sunshades.


Not one to rush into things, he believes in doing things when the timing is right. If he senses that the situation has turned disadvantageous, he will retreat. He regularly keeps his headphones on, as well as sun glasses even while others are talking to him. A refined speaker, uses the olden form of ござる gozaru instead of the modern ございます gozaimasu in his languageverification/corroboration needed

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