Kanemaru 金丸

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Kanemaru mug.png
Other Names Black Dragon
Seiyuu Template:Va-Tachikawa Mitsutaka
Affiliations Old Yorozuya / Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan
旧万事屋 / 万事屋金良ちゃん
Birthday 17 Sep / Virgo
Species Human
Gender Male
Eyes Wears sunshades
Height 184 cm
Weight 96 kg

"I am not a Japanese! I am a Kansai native, ok!"


A member of the Old Yorozuya, Kanemaru has a psycho gun on his right arm (a spoof of another anime series Space Cobra that aired in the 1980s) and wears sunshades. He used to be an assasin under the alias 'Black Dragon'. He subsequently left Yorozuya to join a similar outfit called Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan 万事屋金良ちゃん headed by Stainless Boy, his previous arch-nemesis. The 2 kanji characters 金良 kin gon are actually the left and right radicals of the single kanji character 銀 gin.


Typically seen only in black trunks and bare torso, black boots, a psycho gun on his right arm, dark sunshades. He sports black dreadlocks and a barely there goatee.


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Background Story

When he first appeared in Episode 138, Gintoki explained his position was equivalent to Shinpachi's and Shinpachi exclaimed Kanemaru's 'quality' is very good. Though Kanemaru looks like a foreigner (African-American look to be more exact and according to Kagura, the type who goes 'Baby!' in Los Angeles), he is a Kansai native and so speaks excellent Japanese and can produce Kansai-style punchlines. According to Gintoki, his grandmother is Japanese and used to bring him to the famous Dodonbori theatres in the Kansai region.


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