Kamui 神威

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Kamui mug.jpg
Seiyuu 日野 聡
Hino Satoshi
Axl One Link
ANN Link
Birthday 1 Jun / Gemini
Species Amanto/ Yato Tribe
Gender Male
Hair Salmon-pink
Eyes Cerulean blue
Height 170 cm
Weight 55 kg
Status Live


The estranged son of Umibouzu 星海坊主 and older brother of Kagura 神楽, Kamui 神威 is still a teenager by all accounts but his spectacular fighting abilities has elevated him to the rank of Captain of the 7th Division of Harusame's Thunder Guns 春雨の雷槍, the most powerful combat unit within the Harusame 春雨 group. Aggressive ambitiousness and killing instincts inherent in the Yato blood turned son against father in bid to become the strongest, son then became the disciple of Housen 鳳仙 after his attempt on taking over his own father's position as the strongest failed, son later turned against his own master.

Kamui caused his own father to lose his left arm when he tried to kill him in accordance to old Yato tradition of "Father Killing"[2], though he himself was nearly killed and left soon after.

Kamui 神威 was made the new Yoshiwara overlord after the demise of the previous overlord Housen 鳳仙, but according to Umibouzu 星海坊主, Kamui 神威 did not even station his own men there, much less administer the area.


Salmon pink hair, with a long plaited tail behind. Wears the male equivalent of Chinese costume, a long tunic with side splits, held at the waist by a sash, above ankle pants and simple black covered sandals. Carries an umbrella wherever he goes, though he sometimes bandaged himself up totally, including the face, while out in the sun.


Blood-thirsty youngster who yearns to fight strong opponents. Does not blink and wears a smile when he kills anyone.

Background Story

During the The Blaze of Yoshiwara First Chapter, Kamui 神威 discovered Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時's amazing fighting abilities during his showdown with Housen 鳳仙 while hanging around as a passive observer, and subsequently staked him as his own prey, i.e vowed to fight him one day, after Gintoki has fully recovered from his injuries during the battle with Housen 鳳仙.


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