Kamenashi 亀梨

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Seiyuu 白鳥 哲
Shiratori Tetsu
Office Osawa Link
ANN Link
Affiliations Captain of the Dragon Palace Imperial Guards
Birthday 21 Mar / Aries
Species Amanto
Gender Male
Eyes Wears glasses, in later episodes sunshades
Height 162 cm
Weight 49 kg


Caught by Kagura making furtive video recordings of women on the beach in Episode 116, Kamenashi tried to bribe his way out of trouble by offering to bring the Yorozuya 万事屋 for a visit to the Dragon Palace. He claims to be the leader of the Imperial guards there.

He later gave the reason that he was looking for brave warriors to help him stop Otohime's plan to turn all of Earth's inhabitants into old and ugly people, and that the trip was only a pretext to bring them over.verification/corroboration needed


Human-like appearance in all aspects except that he wears a tutrtle on his torso. Rarely seen without his glasses or sun shades, he owns a eye-device called "Spouzer" that is able to purportedly analyse every warrior's fighting powers in values of K, which stands for konbu, or kelp.


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Background Story

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Seiyuu for Kamenashi, Shiratori Tetsu, is a movie director too in real-life, besides doing voice-overs.

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