Kagura 神楽

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Seiyuu 釘宮 理恵
Kugimiya Rie
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Occupation Yorozuya
Affiliations Yorozuya Gin Chan
Birthday 3 Nov / Scorpio
Age 13 ~ 14+
Species Amanto/ Yato Tribe
Gender Female
Hair Vermilion Red
Eyes Ocean Blue
Height 155 cm
Weight 40 kg
Status Live

"The swings in this area are the property of Kagura, the Queen of Kabuki District!"


Kagura (神楽) is a member of the Yorozuya. She is a highly skilled fighter who carries an umbrella for protection as the Yato species are averse to sunlight, the umbrella also acts as a weapon that can fire bullets like machine-gun. She loves eating and she seems to have an insatiable appetite, with a particular fondness for rice and sukonbu. She is staying at Gintoki's place at the moment. Kagura is very fond of Gintoki. She refers to him as Gin-chan and intends to stay at Yorozuya forever. She often gets into quarrel with Shinpachi and Okita and she always hits them mercilessly.


She has vermilion red hair and ocean blue eyes. She typically wears Chinese-style clothing such as cheongsum.

Throughout the series she is seen wearing various disguises and has been shown in different styles for gags.

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Kagura is somewhat of a naive girl, sometimes can be extremely rude and violent. However, she is a good person in nature and always helps people even though she does not know them. (In episode 41, she helped Prince Hata and his grandfather when they were attacked by an alien, and she ended up being injured because of that. She also gave her umbrella, which was bought and given to her by Gintoki, to 2 poor children in chapter 172). She is very competitive and hates to lose whenever she plays any games with the neighborhood children or with Okita. Kagura always wants to be treated as a grown-up and usually lectures people with what she has learned from her mother. Up until now, she has never shown any romantic feelings towards any male characters in the series. Although Tae sometimes asked her about this issue and even suggested buying chocolate for Gintoki and Shinpachi on Valentine's day (chapter 295), but Kagura always denied her feelings towards them. However, she did buy a chocolate secretly on that day but never gave it to them.

Background Story

During her childhood Kagura lived in the slums of a faraway planet with her father, mother and older brother. At one point in her life her older brother Kamui attempted to kill their father Umibouzu, however he failed and only managed to cut off his father's arm. This caused Umibouzu to go berserk and he nearly killed Kamui but was stopped by Kagura, soon after Kamui left the family. In fear that he might harm her unintentionally just like Kamui, Umibozu left to avoid further destroying his family [2].

To expand:

Kagura doesn't wear or carry an umbrella in the first 2 episodes of the anime
Kagura calls her mother 'Mummy' and father 'Papi' and after his hair is all gone, calls him hage aka bald-head, calls Kamui 'Ni-chan' aka Older Brother
mother died of illness while Kagura was very young
Umibouzu highlighted that Kagura, in spite saying she hates Kamui , wanted badly to save him from his destructiveness, in Episode 146.
Kagura has a number of pets named 'Sadaharu No.X' before the current Inugami Sadaharu came along. previous pets all died because of her own inability to control her massive strength and killing the pets inadvertently. 'Sadaharu No. 28' was the latest deceased addition, in the form of a dung beetle. 'Sadaharu No.1' was a rabbit
hasegawa labeled her 'ultra hot(tempered/agressive) China girl'
strong 'maternal instincts', wants to breast feed baby grandson in Episode 51, wean Gintoki off strawberry milk in Episode 58, obsessed with big breasts like Sarutobi Ayame's, adds oranges to her chest in Episode 138 when talking about the 'fleshy woman' in the photo
swallows everything Gintoki says and regurgitates them ad hoc as a form of advice, sometimes in inappropriate context
her innate Yato killing instincts are generally suppressed because she doesn't like it, but frequently overtly released by giving Shinpachi a thrashing every now and then, but instincts fully woken up in Yoshiwara First Chapter in her battle with Abuto
in the Bentendo Owee chapter, her fighting ability enabled her to be the first to defeat the final boss/demon
sleeps in cabinet shelf above Sadaharu in the office
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