Jouishishi 攘夷志士

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Jouishishi 攘夷志士


Old Jouishishi 旧攘夷志士

(Early Generation)
Saigou-tokumori mug.png
Saigou Tokumori
西郷 特盛
Doromizu-jirochou mug.jpg
Doromizu Jirochou
泥水 次郎長
Terada-tatsugorou mug.jpg
Terada Tatsugorou
寺田 辰五郎

Jouishishi 攘夷志士

(Late Generation)
Gintoki mug.jpg
Sakata Gintoki
坂田 銀時
Katsura mug.jpg
Katsura Kotarou
桂 小太郎
Takasugi-shinsuke mug.png
Takasugi Shinsuke
高杉 晋助
Sakamoto-tatsuma mug.jpg
Sakamoto Tatsuma
坂本 辰馬

Hist-pre.png   See Historical Precedent


Jouishishi 攘夷志士 -

--> Jou 攘 literally means 'expel'
--> I 夷 is a derogatory term for 'foreigner' or 'barbarian'
--> Combined the phrase literally means 'expel-the-foreigners'
--> Shishi 志士 means 'patriot', though in the Gintama context 'rebel' may be more appropriate

There are actually a number of different factions within the Jouishishi rebellion, some more extremist than others. Katsura's faction grew moderate as the manga/anime progressed, from the the initial opening scene in Episode 5 where Katsura used terrorist-like tactics like time bombs liberally, to the Benizakura Chapter Episode 61 where he pleaded with Takasugi Shinsuke, leader of the extremist Kiheitai that there must be other ways of changing the world other than destroying it all. However, he was still happy to deploy bombs liberally against Shinsengumi 真選組. They like to refer to their fight as exacting 'divine punishment' 天誅 tenchuu on the 'barbarians'.

Their anti-government and/or terrorist activities made them the arch nemesis of the Shinsengumi 真選組, who had made it their mission to wipe out the rebellion movement. However, the extremist factions are known to have secret dealings with the Bakufu government, for example in Episodes ?.verification/corroboration needed

The Old Jouishishi 旧攘夷志士 refers to the fighters who fought in the Joui War 攘夷戦争 which started about 20 years ago with the arrival of the Amantos on Earth. The foursome of Sakata Gintoki aka Shiroyasha, Katsura Kotarou, Takasugi Shinsuke and Sakamoto Tatsuma were only involved in the later part of a war that lasted 10+ years in the latter stage of the Joui resistance.verify: ep9 Q&A

Current Factions

Katsura Faction 桂一派

(Moderate Faction)
Katsura mug.jpg
Katsura Kotarou
桂 小太郎
Elizabeth mug.jpg

Soukaitou 創界党

(Extremist Faction)
Tendou-soutatsu mug.jpg
Tendou Soutatsu
天堂 蒼達
Tendou Koda
天堂 紅達
Rokkaku Muneharu
六角 宗春

Tengudou 天狗堂

(Extremist Faction)


Narasaki-donbei mug.jpg
Narasaki Donbei
楢崎 鈍兵衛

Katsura Faction 桂一派

Within Katsura's faction, as part of his recruitment policy he conducts "Jouishishi Employment Examination" 攘夷志士採用試験 for candidates who wish to join his faction. The examinations comprise face-to-face interview, written examination and for those who pass the afore-mentioned 2 parts, they can proceed to the practical examination, conducted by Jouishishi's in-house trainer called Dragon Leader, assisted by Debugon and Katsura Kotarou himself. The entire examination sequence was showcased in Episode 109.

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