Ikesawa 池沢

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Ikesawa mug.png
Seiyuu 杉山 育美
Sugiyama Ikumi
81 Produce Link
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Affiliations Old Yorozuya
Birthday 1 Oct / Libra
Species Human
Gender Female
Eyes Wears sunshades
Height 163 cm
Weight 61 kg


She has a drinking problem and always carries a bottle of beer. She, too, wears sunshades like her co-workers (excluding Gintoki). She was a member of the Old Yorozuya but she left.


Like Kanemaru, she looks like a typical dark-skinned African-American with black shoulder length curly hair. She is always seen with a bottle, presumably beer, and never seen without her sun shades. Dresses in a sleeveless short dark coloured dress.


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