Hiraga Saburou 平賀 三郎

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Hiraga Saburou
平賀 三郎
Seiyuu 羽多野 渉
Hatano Wataru
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Species Human
Gender Male
Status Beheaded by Bakufu government


Son of Edo's number 1 inventor and mechanic, Hiraga Saburou aad his father Hiraga Gengai loved tinkering with machines and robots since he was a child. However, when he saw his father getting stressed out over making machines for war, he felt sad that his father was no longer enjoying his work and decided that he would help his father produce them instead, so that his father can concentrate on the things he enjoy making.verify: chk

Because of that he joined Kiheitai in the Joui war to fight against the Amantos, only to have Bakufu government crack down on them. Many members of Kiheitai, including Saburou himself were eventually beheaded and left on public display in Edo as a deterrent. His father was 1 of the unfortunate witness of the tragic spectacle. This is according to Takasugi Shinsuke's account in Episode 17, who until then had been evading the Bakufu's pursuit by hiding in Kyotoverify: chk


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