Hiraga Gengai 平賀 源外

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Hiraga Gengai
平賀 源外
1st Generation
青野 武
Aono Takeshi
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Current 島田 敏
Shimada Bin
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Affiliations Hiraga Family
Birthday 18 Dec / Sagittarius
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 159 cm
Weight 55 kg

"The machines of men are armour, cannons and Caterpillars"
Hiraga Gengai 平賀 源外


Hiraga Gengai 平賀 源外 is Edo's greatest mechanic and inventor. His only son's death left him with a deep emotional scar, and Takasugi Shinsuke 高杉 晋助 took advantage of that and used him. He makes ugly and crude machines, and his belief is that 'The machines of men are armour, cannons and Caterpillars'[2] 「男のからくりは鎧・大砲・キャタピラ」.

Gengai has a bad habit of forgetting to tell users important instructions on machine-usage until too late, which usually gets their users into trouble. Presently he is the owner-proprietor of からくり堂 karakuri dou, literally Machine Hall, a machine-repair workshop cum inventor's office, and he frequently has to repair Gintoki's scooter.

He is still a fugitive stemming from an unsuccessful attempt to kill the Shogun using his army of robots during a festival in Episode 17, as revenge for the Bakufu beheading his son Hiraga Saburou. However, as Gintoki pointed out, Gengai may have been influenced by Takasugi Shinsuke to stage the robotic coup d'etat.

In the Lotus Chapter he helped to repair Tama by re-using No.305's body. In the Tama's Virus Infection Chapter, he helped analyzed the problem of Tama's pixelated look and sent Yorozuya into her body to fight the viruses.

He has a strange fixation with shouyu aka soy sauce, and modified Kagura's umbrella and Gintoki's bokutou aka wooden katana to squirt soy sauce.


He wears a pair of industrial grade eye-goggles, is almost bald, has a distinctive grey beard and some missing front teeth.

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A tinkerer of all things mechanical and robotic, capable of creating implausible machines including time machines and machines that can shrink Yorozuya down to microscopic entities to enter Tama.

He has a habit of calling Gintoki gin no ji 『銀の字』, literally "The (kanji) character Silver".

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  2. 'Caterpillars' here refer not to the brand name but to the generic term of caterpillar tanks, construction equipment and certain other off-road vehicles, i.e. continuous tracks vehicles.