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Goemon mug.png
Seiyuu 諏訪部 順一
Suwabe Junichi
Haikyo Link
ANN Link
Affiliations Leader of the pop idol group Hansamu
Birthday 8 Oct / Libra
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 172 cm
Weight 65 kg

Hist-pre.png   See Historical Precedent


Playboy-type of character who used to date Terakado Tsuu 寺門 通 but was never serious about the relationship. Appends ござる gozaru, a very olden polite form of speechverification/corroboration needed to the end of his sentences in a pretentious affected manner when speaking to Otsuu, which he does not use when speaking in private to his confidante.

Otsuu's popularity was negatively affected when the tabloids exposed their relationship. Mother Terakado Ichi 寺門 市 was so convinced that Goemon ゴエモン was up to no good that she staged a series of incidents masked to look like the work of unhappy fans to try to break them up in Episode 30.


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Background Story

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The name of his pop idol group is a pun on 2 levels: the first is on the English word 'Handsome', on the kanji level, the characters mean 'against or the opposite of samurai'.

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