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Movie premiered on 24 April 2010 during the Golden Week holiday in Japan. Screening ended on 2 August 2010. Nation-wide movie premiere in Taiwan (Republic of China) from 15 Oct 2010 onwards. It was also shown as part of the programme offerings in the Leeds International Film Festival for Fanomenon Anime Day 2010 on Friday 19 Nov 2010.verify: pending cite It was stated in the festival that this was the European premiere for this movie.

Benizakura Movie Opening: バクチ・ダンサー by DOES

Benizakura Movie Ending: 僕たちの季節 by DOES

Movie Synopsis

The Making of ...

Benizakura Movie Promotions


DVD goes on sale Dec 15 2010, Limited Special Edition includes the follow[1]:
  1. 3 DVDs including Movie DVD, DVD Special, Drama DVD
  2. DVD comes in box with images
  3. Movie brochures, film cells (random selection)
  4. Behind the scenes and new animation
  5. Interviews with staff and voice actors
G.E.M. Series Gintoki
劇場版銀魂 新訳紅桜篇 Movie guide

Sunshine 60 Observatory


Stamp Rally

Namco-Namja Town promotion

festival kiosks 銀魂縁日屋台
Oedo Crackdown Tale 大江戸捕物帳

Food & Beverage Promotions

In conjunction with the movie premiere, the following eateries in the Namco-Namja Town (amusement theme park) held limited-time F&B promotions based on the manga/anime characters. The 3 main F&B zones are Ice-cream City, Tokyo Dessert Republic and Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium. Images taken from the online menu from Namco-Namja Town's website.

東京デザート共和国 (Tokyo Dessert Republic)[2]
  • Shop-name: アンジェリーナ Angelina
  • Kagura and Sadaharu good-friends crepe
- iyokan (a type of mandarin orange) gelato & choco for Kagura's hair, shape of head reproduced
- Sadaharu is vanilla ice cream, choco ball, white choco
  • Shop-name: 横浜夢本舗 Yokohama Dream Main Shop
  • Okita Sougo's eye-mask
- chocolate mousse decorated with Okita Sougo eye-mask
- cocoa, gelatin, milk, egg, malt, wheat
- pudding decorated with choco whip cream, cake, corn flake
- product in the image of Captain Katsuura
- egg, milk, wheat, soy bean, gelatin
  • Shop-name: ろまん亭 Romanti
  • Elizabeth "this time please come back quickly"
- body is sponge cake, hand/feet are almond, choco trimming
- fresh cream, gelatin, sake, white choco, egg

池袋餃子スタジアム Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium
- Otsuu's imperial guards leader Shinpachi's love-filled headband gyoza
  • Shop-name: 神田餃子屋 Kanda Gyoza House
  • Kagura's yato tribe mark gyoza
- burning hot/spicy gyoza
- Yato Tribe mark made with nori
  • Shop-name: 華興 Kakou
  • Takasugi's kiseru gyoza
- gyoza modeled after the kiseru carried by Takasugi
  • Shop-name: 三よ志 Miyoshi
  • "not enough mayonaise!!" gyoza
- gyoza made to look like Hijikata's favourite food mayonnaise
- gyoza filling is tuna-mayonnaise
- potato salad made into mayonnaise shape
- underneath, risotto and hamburg topped off with very delicious light mayonnaise (2 persons)
  • Shop-name: ノースカントリーキッチン North Country Kitchen
  • Hijikata Special burger set
- pork cutlet, sunny-side fried egg with Hijikata's favourite food mayonnaise topping hamburger
- set comes with potato and soft drink
  • Shop-name: ノースカントリーキッチン North Country Kitchen
  • Madao burger set
- teriyaki hamburger with cigarette-shaped sausage in between
- sunglasses of nori and goatee point make-up
- set comes with potato and soft drink
  • Shop-name: ナジャヴ倶楽部 Najavu Club
  • Justaway
- a drink just like Justaway
- pink lemonade, (Glico) Pretz, vanilla ice cream
  • Shop-name: ナジャヴ倶楽部 Najavu Club
  • Elizabeth curry
- curry just like Elizabeth
- rice, curry, cheese

アイスクリームシティ (ice-cream city)
  • Shop-name: オリエンタルの青い月 (oriental blue moon)
  • natural perm gin-san
- clear grey ice served up as Gin-san's natural perm
- using milk, sesame, turkish tea ice cream
- other ingredients include choco, corn, squid/cuttlefishverify: serious?
  • Shop-name: サンタチューボ (santa chubo)
  • 1 order of Uji Gintoki-don! (Big / Small)
- gin-san's favourite gintoki-don
- red bean, mochi, brown sugar, soft cream, base is cereal, (Glico) Pretz
  • Shop-name: サンタチューボ (santa chubo)
  • Gin-san choco parfait
- Gin-san's favourite sweet food. chocolate parfait decorated with "Sugar" in a frame, wooden katana-like candy, choco sauce, wafers, cereal, sesame stick candy
  • Shop-name: マジックアイス (Magicice)
  • takasugi's "memories should be cherished" 思い出は大切にするもんだ
- takasugi's kimono image made into purple ice cream (yoghurt flavour) with the pattern of butterflies. a choco butterfly rests above, cool item peeking out from the cone is the textbook
  • Shop-name: ソフトクリームBar (Soft Cream Bar)
  • zura janai katsura da!!
- wheat germ bread and charcoal mont blanc cream above blue salt vanilla soft cream made into katsura's face. elizabeth in white choco is added close by
  • Shop-name: ダルアチーノ (da Luciano)
  • prince hata "redundant charm point has been taken off !!"
- stupid prince's disgusting-cute demeanor made from clear and delicious skin-colour gelato
- blueberry yoghurt, nero、rosso gelato, marshmallow, choco, cream cheese
  • Shop-name: マジックスノー (Magic Snow)
  • Fluffy Sadaharu
- Sadaharu done up in fluffy milk ice
- collar part filled with lots of strawberry sauce. Such a delicous Sadaharu! Choco, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry sauce, coffee bits

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