Furuhashi 古橋

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Furuhashi mug.png
Affiliations Old Yorozuya
Birthday 6 Feb / Aquarius
Species Human
Gender Male
Eyes Wears sunshades
Height 207 cm
Weight 123 kg


He is the Old Yorozuya mascot (equivalent to Sadaharu). His right arm fitted with Psycho gun like Kanemaru and he wears sunshades. He subsequently became very close to the 'fleshy woman' working for Otose Snack in what was Catherine's position. Because of that both he and the 'fleshy woman' got thrown over the bridge into the river by Gintoki.


Because he is the equivalent of Yorozuya's mascot, just like Sadaharu, he is often shown down on all fours, though he moves around on 2 legs like any regular human being.


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