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147x110px The one who bites gets bitten instead
(lit.: The mummy hunter becomes a mummy)
miira tori ga miira ni


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Season 2
Air-date in Japan: 28 Jun 2007
Manga Chapter: 98
OP: OP3: 「銀色の空」 giniro no sora by redballoon
ED: ED5: 「修羅」 shura by DOES
"Regarding Joui activities, I don't think he (Sakata Gintoki) concerns himself with such complicated things. That man, only wants to see a smile on that girl's face."
Yamazaki Sagaru


Health advisory -

Opening sub-title -

Ending sub-title -

Synopsis (extracted from TV Tokyo):

Shinsengumi's Inspector Yamazaki reported on the clash between Katsura's faction and Takasugi's faction to Vice-Commander Hijikata Toushirou. Hijikata wondered how Katsura's faction, without any capable men to speak of, were able to fight off Takasugi's faction, which had heavyweight stalwarts like Kawakami Bansai 河上 万斉 and Okada Nizou 岡田 似蔵. Yamazaki replied that Katsura was assisted by Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時. Hijikata explained (while wolfing down a bowl of 'Hijikata Special') that he ignored Gintoki in the past because there was nothing suspicious about his activities that relate to Joui activities then. Now as Gintoki was injured in the same fracas, a link is established, and Yamazaki was ordered to investigate Gintoki's relationship with Jouishishi, with the orders that Gintoki is to be killed if investigations proved that he is indeed a Joui rebel.

Yamazaki carried out the order by first interviewing all those people who had come into contact with Gintoki before, including:

  1. Terakado Tsuu 寺門 通
  2. Hasegawa Taizou 長谷川 泰三
  3. Saigou Tokumori
  4. Ane & Mone
  5. Recycle-shop Proprietress
  6. Tsuu's Father
  7. Takamagahara's Honjou Kyoushirou & Hachirou
  8. Ikumatsu
  9. Ken?
  10. Hedoro

However, he could not turn up anything to pin Gintoki down. He even visited Yorozuya's office, but it was closed as both Kagura 神楽 and Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八 were taking care of Gintoki, who was injured at the Shimura dojo, as informed by Otose お登勢. The gift he brought along was 'accepted' by Catherine.

In the end Yamazaki decided to infiltrate the compound where Gintoki was recuperating, aka the Shimura dojo, Koudoukan 恒道館, thinking that Gintoki's injury must have been picked up during the fight between Takasugi and Katsura's Joui faction and his suspicion was therefore even stronger. Though his entry into the dojo was smooth, little does he know that leaving the compound would be fraught with danger ...

As he stood hidden behind one of the building, contemplating how to go about 'killing' Gintoki as instructed by Hijikata, he was shocked when someone shouted out 'Who's that!', thinking that his presence has been discovered. On closer inspection, he found out it was just Kagura reading Jump comics out loud, to be precise Dragon Ball series, to the convalescing Gintoki. Relieved, he decided to hide underneath that very room to continue his surveillance work.

However, when Kagura started reading the adult-series Ichigo 100%verify: title? and Gintoki jumped up to stop her, Otae rushed in with a spear and fired a warning shot strategically between his legs to command him to lie down and rest. The shot went through the timber floor and nearly skewered the Shinsengumi spy hiding underneath. But due to the hole created by this shot, Yamazaki was now able to view the going-ons inside the house. Gintoki was heard asking to go to a hospital instead, but Otae disallowed it saying that he would try to escape.

It was then time for meals. Otae made her special fried-egg porridge, which Kagura offered to feed to Gintoki since Otae forbade him to move. The bowl accidentally dropped onto the very hole that Yamazaki was peering through and burned his eye. This led Yamazaki to believe that they must have found out about him and deliberately dropped poison onto him. He decided to escape there and then. Unfortunately, so did Gintoki, and Otae then commanded Shinpachi to turn on "Fortress Mode" for the dojo. The 'fortress' came about due to multiple trespassing attempts by a certain "gorilla stalker".

On pressing a big red button that emerged mysteriously from first the coffee table, and later, the tatami floor, the following dojo fortifications were activated:

1. range of spears along the roof ridge running all round the compound
2. huge timber caged gates slammed down in front of all doorways
3. trip-wires linked to Justaway bombs
4. thumb tacks on toilet seats
5. flying shuriken
6. swing-down battering rams
7. bamboo spikes shooting up from booby-trapped ground
8. unidentified objects dropping onto intruders' heads
9. camouflaged sunken holes on the groun booby-trapped with bamboo-spikes
10. and a final red-button from the tatami floor that activated single blasts from SOL, a satellite weapon called 'stalker punishment laser-beam'

All this on top of a chasing Otae armed with a spear.

While furiously trying to escape the various traps, Yamazaki came across, of all people, the 2 stalkers Kondou Isao and Sarutobi Ayame trapped in different bamboo-spiked sunken holes. After rescuing them, when Kondou found out that Gintoki is staying together with Otae under the same roof, both Sarutobi Ayame and Kondou started arguing about stalker habits. Yamazaki then asked his superior what to do about Hijikata's order to kill Gintoki. Kondou replied in a rage to just proceed accordingly, or is he waiting for his commander to do it himself? Ayame then warned him of serious consequences if he laid a finger on her Gintoki. Just then, Gintoki was seen walking past, and both stalkers dashed towards him, one to kill him, the other to protect him. At that moment, Kagura and OTae also appeared and all 4 converged on Gintoki. Gintoki, shocked by the sudden assault stepped backwards and fell into another camouflaged bamboo-spiked sunken hole, and all 4 pursuing parties fell on top of him ...

Yamazaki was able to crawl out of the 'fortress' unscathed from a hole in the wall during the fracas. He bumped into Murata Tetsuko waiting outside to visit Gintoki. When Yamazaki advised her not to go in now as it is very 'dangerous', Tetsuko asked him to pass a message to Gontoki, saying that she is doing fine now despite going through so much, thank you very much.

In his report to Hijikata, Yamazaki wrote that "the Yorozuya boss is not someone he could understand, that he has a certain unfathomable quality about him. Though he often brings trouble to those around him, yet people still tend to gather around him. Jouishishi, you say? That I am not very clear ... he probably does not care about such things. All he wanted was to see a smile on that girl's face, yours sincerely, Yamazaki Sagaru"verify: exact words? .

Hijikata slammed the report as a amateur essay ...

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Spoofs, Parodies and References

  • DOES' Shura (ED5) is used as OP theme for this episode, in the vertical sub-heading in the beginning of this episode, the creators gave thanks to DOES, the band responsible for this OP theme.
180x132px 180x132px
Yamazaki's t-shirt logo vs Ryo-ma's Yamazaki's cap logo vs Ryo-ma's
  • this is a spoof of テニスの王子様 Prince of Tennis, another Jump serialization.
  • Yamazaki spouted 越前リョーマ Echizen Ryo-ma's catchphrase 'まだまだだね' mada mada da ne, meaning 'You still have some way to go'. His cap logo is a spoof of Ryo-ma's cap with a Y-like design in place of Ryo-ma's 'R', while for the logos on the shirts, Yamazaki's 'Y' is seen replacing the double 'Y' logo on Ryo-ma's shirt.

'Probable line-ups' from 青春学園 Seishun Academy 'Probable line-ups' from 氷帝学園 Hyotei Academy
  • The students in blue and white shirts standing by the side are a reference to 青春学園中等部 Seishun Academy Secondary Department's characters, see image on left:
  • The students on Musashi's side of the badminton court appears to reference 氷帝学園中等部 Hyotei Academy Secondary Department's characters, see image on right:
  • The black cat is probably a stray, unlike カルピン karubin Carribean, owned by Ryo-ma's family, which is a Himalayan pedigree breed.

100x120px 150x150px
Gintama's 'Kycilia Zabi' Gundam's Kycilia Zabi
  • The poster on the wall outside the room states 'TV Champions, The King of Good-Guys Contest, Contestants'.
  • The character behind Otsuu is キシリア・ザビ Kycilia Zabi from Gundam. This contestant's entry is obviously ironical since this character is on the side of the 'bad-guys' in the Principality of Zeon in the Gundam series. The urn she is holding is the 北宋の壷 hokusou no go which can be found in the Gundam 0079 Card Builder arcade game.
  • the first is a reference to Dragon Ball, with フリーザ Frieza being the character name referenced.
  • the second manga Kagura read out to Gintoki was 『いちご100%』 Strawberry 100%, with the characters Manaka Junpei 真中淳平 and Nishino Tsukasa 西野つかさ being referenced.
  • Commercial plug for Otsuu's CD release -
  • The SOL 740 (full name ストーカーおしおきレーザービーム suto-ka oshioki re-za-bi-mu aka Stalker Punishment Laser Beam). This is a reference to Akira's SOL 740 satellite that tried to destroy Tetsuo.
  • When Kondou was stuck in the pit, he asked why is his saviour's name in the form of a death spell -
  • Yamazaki's name has the word 'zaki' in it, ザキ zaki is a death spell used in the Dragon Quest RPG game.
  • Yamazaki replied then that he would go look for someone with the name ザオリク zaoriku, which is a resurrection spell in the same series, to save Kondou.
  • Kondou then repented saying that he is glad that he is not Zaraki Kenpachi. 更木剣八 Zaraki Kenpachi is the violent captain of the 11th Division in Bleach series.
  • The dish Otae prepared for Gintoki is actually porridge or congee, 粥 gayu, tamago-gayu, simply means porridge with egg. It became brownish-black because of the burnt fried egg.


In the original manga chapter, there is no parody of 'Prince of Tennis'. Immediately after Yamazaki finished reporting to Hijikata, the scene switched to Yamazaki infiltrating the Koudoukan dojo.

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Differences between anime and manga

Input differences here!

List of Characters & Seiyuus

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Production Staff

verify: all romaji names below to be verified

Opening credits:

  • 制作 Producer -
  • TV Tokyo
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE
  • This programme is brought to you by sponsor1

Ending credits:

  • 原作 Original Creator - 空知 英秋 (集英社 週刊少年ジャンプ 連載) Sorachi Hideaki (Shueisha  Weekly Shonen JUMP Serialisation)
  • シリーズ構成 Series Composition - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • キャラクターデザイン Character Design - 竹内 進二 Takeuchi Shinji
  • デザインワークス Design Works - 今石 進 Imaishi Susumu
  • 美術監督 Art Director - 野村 裕樹 Nomura Hiroki
  • 色彩設定 Colour Setting - 歌川律子 Utagawa? Ritsuko (check romaji?)
  • 撮影監督 Photography Director - 老平 英 Rouhei ? (check romaji?)
  • CG監督 CG Director - 真田 竹志 Shinda Takeshi
  • 編集 Editor - 瀬山 武司 Seyama Takeshi
  • 音楽 Music - Audio Highs
  • 音響監督 Music Director - 小林 克良 Kobayashi Katsuyoshi
  • 作画監督 Artwork Director - 鶴田 仁美 Tsuruta Hitomi
  • 原画 Original Artwork
  • 出野喜則 ideno yoshinori ?
  • 深谷裕一郎 Fukatani Yuichiro
  • 伊藤裕次 itou yuuji ?
  • 田中 聡 tanaka satoshi ?
  • 児玉修一 kodama shuuichi?
  • 外谷 章 Sotoya Akira

  • 鶴田 仁美 Tsuruta Hitomi
  • 村田 憲泰 Murata ?
  • 青木康哲 aoki ?
  • 津熊健徳 Tsukuma Takenori
  • 本城 恵一郎 Honjou Keiichirou
  • 小原太一朗 ohara taichirou?
  • 宮 曉秀 miya akihide?
  • 柏崎健太 kashiwazaki kenta ?
  • 菅原 敦子 Sugawara Atsuko
  • 長谷川一生 Hasegawa Issei
  • 金沢 美愛 Kanazawa Mia
  • 斉藤 博子 Saito Hiroko
  • サンライズ作画室 
    Sunrise Artwork Studio
  • 動画チェック Animation Checking - 丸山 収 Maruyama Osamu (check romaji?)
  • 動画 Animation -
  • Wish
  • 湯本真央 yumoto mao ?
  • 中島 香子 nakajima kyouko
  • 北村 淳一 kitamura junichi ?
  • 小橋幸亮 Kohashi ? (check romaji?)
  • 石崎理美 ishizaki satomi ?
  • 鶴田 愛 tsuruta ai ?
  • 色指定 Colour Setting - 金月梨香 kingetsu rika ?
  • 仕上げ Colour Check -
  • Wish
  • 井上 昭子 inoue akiko ?
  • 吉田 春加 yoshida haruka ?
  • 熊田 眞子 kumada mako ?
  • 厚見 祐希 atsumi yuki ?
  • 梅村 利恵子 umemura rieko ?
  • 竹内 一美 takeuchi kazumi ?
  • 土岐 智子 toki satoko ?
  • 青木 奈緒美 aoki naomi ?
  • 動画.仕上げ管理 Animation & Colour Check Supervisor - 石川直樹 Ishikawa Naoki ?
  • 背景 Background -
  • Y.A.P(有)石垣プロダクション Ishigaki Production
  • 菅野博司 Kanno Hiroshi
  • 皆川真紀 Minakawa Maki
  • 間庭奈美 Maniwa Nami (check romaji?)
  • 西村健 Nishimura Ken (check romaji?)
  • 川名俊英 Kawana Toshihide
  • 田中孝典 tanaka takanori ?
  • 岩熊 茜 iwaguma akane ?
  • 風戸亜希子 kazato akiko ?
  • 恒堺 司 ? tsukasa
  • 長沢康治 nagasawa kouji
  • 特殊效果 Special Effects - 村上宜隆 (旭プロダクション) Murakami ??? (Asahi Production)(check romaji?) (official website )
  • 撮影 Photography -
  • 旭プロダクション (Asahi Production)
  • 五明真利 Gomyou Mari (check romaji?)
  • 野上 大地 Nogami Daichi
  • 長田雄一郎 nagata yuuichirou ?
  • 古屋 和人 Furuya Kazuto
  • 元木 洋介 Motoki Yousuke
  • 羽田巧 Haneda Takumi
  • 八島 菜津美 Hajima Natsumi
  • 横尾和美 Yokoo Kazumi
  • 後藤春陽 Gotou Haruyo (check romaji?)
  • 山崎里栄 yamazaki ? (check romaji?)
  • 長谷川 洋一 Hasegawa Youichi
  • 3DCG - 中島豊 Nakashima Yutaka
  • 編集 Editing -
  • 瀬山編集室 Seyama Editing Studio
  • 内田恵 Uchida Megumi
  • 松原 理恵 Matsuhara Rie
  • 角川桂子 Kadokawa Keiko (check romaji?)
  • 佐々木紘美 Sasaki Hiromi (check romaji?)
  • 音響効果 Sound Effects - 武籐晶子 ?akiko
  • 録音調整 Sound Recording Editing - 野口あきラ Noguchi Akira
  • 録音助手 Sound Recording Assistant - 八巻大樹 hamaki daiki ?
  • 録音スタジオ Recording Studio - ブーメランスタジオ Boomerang Studio (official website)
  • 音響制作 Sound Production - トリニティサウンド Trinity Sound
  • 録音演出 Sound Recording Director - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • ビデオ編集 Video Editing -
  • キュー.テック Qtec (official website)
  • 安楽正太郎 Anraku Shoutarou (romaji?)
  • 新井淳一 Arai Junichi (romaji?)
  • オープ二ングテーマ Opening Theme - ED5: 「修羅」 shura by DOES   Official Website
  • 作詞 & 作曲 Lyrics & Song-writer - 氏原ワタル ujihara wataru ?
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - DOES
  • キューン レコード Ki/oon Records
  • エンデイングテーマ Ending Theme - OP3: 「銀色の空」 giniro no sora by redballoon   Official Website
  • 作詞 Lyrics - 井上秋緒 (Inoue Akio)
  • 作曲 Song-writer - 村屋光二 (Muraya Kouni)
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - 村屋光二 (Muraya Kouni), 本間昭光 (Honma Akimitsu) & redballoon
  • SME Records
  • 音楽制作 Music Production -
  • ア二プレックス Aniplex
  • ミラクル・ロボ MiracleRobo (blogsite)
  • 音楽協力 Music Support - ソ二ー.ミュージックエンタテインメント Sony Music Entertainment
  • 番組宣伝 Programme Publicity -
  • 内海 賢明 Utsumi Tateaki (romaji?)(テレビ東京) (TV Tokyo)
  • 田中 紀明 Tanaka Noriaki
  • 池内 謙一郎 Ikeuchi Kenichirou (romaji?)
  • 協力 Supported by -
  • 週刊少年ジャンプ編集部 Weekly Shonen JUMP Editorial Committee
  • 大西恒平 Oonishi Kouhei
  • 制作進行 Production Programme -
  • 前川貴史 maekawa takashi ?
  • 栗原進悟 kurihara ?
  • 制作デスク Production Desk - 樋口弘光 Higuchi Sega (romaji?)
  • 設定制作 Setup Production - 青木弘幸 Aoki Hiroyuki(romaji?)
  • 制作事務 Production Office - 木村友美 Kimura Tomomi
  • 脚本 Screenplay - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • 絵コンテ.演出 Storyboard Direction - 藤田 陽一 Fujita Yoichi
  • 監督 Director - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • プロデューサー Producer -
  • 東 不可止 Asuma Fukashi (テレビ東京) (TV Tokyo)
  • 武藤大司 Mutou Daishi
  • 若鍋竜太 Wakanabe Ryuuta
  • プランニング マネジャー Planning Manager - 廣部琢之(テレビ東京) Hirobe Takuyuki (TV Tokyo)
  • 制作 Producer -
  • TV Tokyo
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE

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