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147x110px Make friends whom you can call by nicknames even when you are already old men
jijii ni natte mo adana de yobi aeru tomodachi o tsukure


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Season 1
Air-date in Japan: 2 May 2006
Manga Chapter: 5 ~ 6
OP: OP1: 「Pray」 by Tommy Heavenly6
ED: ED1: 「風船ガム」 fuusen gamu by Captain Straydum
"However, an old friend doesn't seem to have changed. That can't be a bad thing."
Katsura Kotarou


Health advisory -

Opening sub-title -

Ending sub-title -

Synopsis (extracted from TV Tokyo):

As usual, the ruckus at Yorozuya is ongoing ... the Bakufu police organization-Shinsengumi, sets out ...

Spoofs, Parodies and References

  • Pelican logo of postal delivery scooter - ペリカン便 perikan bin or Pelican Delivery was a courier service operated by Nippon Express Co., Ltd unil year 2009 March, and taken over by JPExpress Co., Ltd thereafter.
  • The Amanto Embassy belongs to Planet Inui-sei 戌威星,. The Inuisei Amanto as mentioned in this episode, was the first Amanto race to descend upon Earth via military force. The first character inu has the same pronunciation as dog 犬. This also explains why Kagura was calling to the guard like calling to a dog. Refer to Historical Precedents on the American Commodore Mathew Perry's landing in Japan.
  • Nicknames galore -
  • When Katsura makes his presence known to Gintoki, the first words Gintoki uttered were, ' Zura, is it? Zura Kotarou, is it?', thereby establishing Katsura's permanent nickname for the rest of the series. Katsura replied with a powerful right-hand upper cut and the words that would go on to become his catchphrase, ' It's not Zura! It's Katsura!'. Refer to Katsura Kotarou 桂 小太郎 for an explanation on ' Zura'.
  • When Katsura took out the time bomb originally meant for the Terminal to use against the Shinsengumi, Gintoki asked him in a serious tone to stop, addressing him as 'Katsura', and not ' Zura', the 1st time in the series that Gintoki ever called him by his actual name. The 2nd time would happen in Episode ?.
  • When Shinpachi asked Gintoki what kind of a person is Katsura, Gintoki replied 爆弾魔 bakudan ma, aka Bomb Demon, referring to Katsura's fanaticism in using bombs.
  • When Hijikata first attacked Gintoki, Gintoki asked as an insult, how did someone with such small eyes pass the interview for police, and told him to open up his eyes.
  • Hijikata's reply to Gintoki was that he has 'dead-fish eyes' and therefore in no position to lecture others.
  • When Katsura, Gintoki and company were escaping from the military police Shinsengumi, Katsura addresses Gintoki as 'Boss', to which Gintoki replied 'Who's your Boss?'. Kagura interjected by saying that she always wanted to be the head in whatever she does, thereby sowing the seeds for Katsura to address her as 'Leader' in future episodes.
  • Kagura and Shinpachi improvised a nickname of 'Hairy Eyebrows' 毛毛眉 kezu kezu mayu for the delivery man.
  • It is noted that as the series go on, especially after Katsura's sidekick Elizabeth makes his appearance, Katsura's inclination towards violence or violent methods is diminished, and increasingly he gets roughed up by Gintoki and company instead. Thus far, this is the only episode in which viewers see Katsura roughing up Gintoki.
  • Katsura is already a fugitive wanted by the Shinsengumi even as he makes his first appearance. On the wanted notice that Hijikata is holding, Katsura is described as an 'Joui Faction Extremist Ronin', testament to his earlier terrorist-like activities prior to this episode, though verbally Hijikata concedes that Katsura was once a Joui War Amanto-fighting hero.
  • While Yorozuya are running with the time bomb, they played the 尻取 shiritori game.
  • Worth noting also is when Gintoki realised that Katsura had tricked him into getting entangled in the Jouishishi activities, Gintoki did not get angry, but still tried to reason with Katsura, even asking him to stop at one point in this episode, though they have not met each other for a while already (Katsura mentioned in the same episode that Gintoki, aka Shiroyasha, disappeared after the Joui Wars, whereabouts unknown). This incident underlines perhaps the depth of their friendship, and this is reinforced when the argument subsequently turned into a comical one about Gintoki's natural perm hair-style.
  • Later in Episode 61 Benizakura Chapter's final instalment, in response to his men's request for further instructions when they were surrounded by Amantos, Katsura said "We will hold them back" and ordered his men to escape first, taking for granted that Gintoki would fight alongside him, which Gintoki did.
  • 小泉 ピン子 koizumi pinko is listed as the main actress on the TV drama ほのぼのドラマ honobono dorama that Hijikata and Okita Sougo rushed back to watch -
  • this refers to 泉 ピン子 Izumi Pinko, a veteran actress well-known for her mother-wife roles in touching family dramas, in particular おしん Oshin. For details, refer to Japanese Wikipedia.
  • ほのぼの honobono means heart-warming, yet the title of the episode refers to ghosts.
  • Refer to Episode 30 for more details on the spoof drama 「渡る世間は鬼しかいねえコノヤロー!!」 aka 'This world is filled with ghosts, you ba$tard !!'.

Differences between anime and manga

  • When Shinpachi asked Gintoki what kind of a person is Katsura, Gintoki replied 爆弾魔 bakudan ma, aka "Bomb Demon", in the anime episode. In the original manga, Gintoki's reply was "Terrorist".

List of Characters & Seiyuus

Production Staff

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Opening credits:

  • 原作 Original Creator - 空知 英秋/集英社 「週刊少年ジャンプ」 連載 Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha Weekly Shounen JUMP Serialization
  • シリーズ構成 Series Composition - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • キャラクター デザイン・総作画監督 Character Design-Overall Art Director - 竹内 進二 Takeuchi Shinji
  • デザイン ワークス Design Works - 今石 進 Imaishi Susumu
  • 美術監督 Art Director - 野村 裕樹 Nomura Hiroki
  • 色彩設定 Colour Setting - 歌川 律子 Utagawa Ritsuko (romaji?)
  • 編集 Editing - 瀬山 武司 Seyama Takeshi
  • 撮影監督 Photography Director - 老平 英 Routaira Suguru (romaji?)
  • CG監督 CG Director - 古川貴之 furukawa takayuki ?
  • 音楽 Music - Audio Highs
  • 音響監督 Music Director - 小林 克良 Kobayashi Katsuyoshi

OP1: 「Pray」 by Tommy Heavenly6   Official Website

  • 作詞 Lyrics - Tommy Heavenly6
  • 作曲 & 編曲 Song-writer & Music Arrangement - Chris Walker

  • プロデューサー Producer -
  • 小林教子 (テレビ東京) kobayashi kyouko ? (TV Tokyo)
  • 武藤 大司 Mutou Daishi
  • 若鍋 竜太 Wakanabe Ryuuta
  • プランニング マネジャー Planning Manager - 岩田圭介 (テレビ東京) iwata keisuke ? (TV Tokyo)
  • 監督 Director - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • 制作 Production -
  • TV Tokyo
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE

Ending credits:

  • 脚本 Screenplay - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • 絵コンテ.演出 Storyboard Direction - 藤田 陽一 Fujita Yoichi
  • 作画監督 Animation Director - 高橋 晃 Takahashi Akira
  • 原画 Original Artwork -
  • スタジオダブ Studio Dove Official Home Page
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  • 背景 Background -
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ED1: 「風船ガム」 fuusen gamu by Captain Straydum   Official Website

  • 作詞 Lyrics - 松本 隆 Matsumoto Takashi
  • 作曲 Song-writer - 永友 聖也 Nagatomo Seiya
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - キャプテンストライダム (Captain Straydum), 大平 太一 Ohira Taichi
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  • 協力 Supported by - 週刊少年ジャンプ編集部 Weekly Shonen JUMP Editorial Committee
  • 制作進行 Production Programme - 萩原和毅 hagihara ?
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  • 制作 Producer -
  • TV Tokyo digital 7
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE

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