Episode 341

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341.jpg The guardian spirit is part of the soul too
shugorei mo tamashii no ichibu


  • Shimura Shinpachi goes to a mysterious spectacle shop toget his glasses repaired, came away with a pair of glasses that can see other peopl's guardian spirits hovering behind each individual
  • Kagura's guardian spirit is called Aruchuu, looks like a man dressed up in a bluish-green tights to resemble Pokemon Pikachu and is an alcoholic, perpetually asking for alcohol, that's why KAgura's sentences end in "aru"
  • Sakata Gintoki's guardian spirit - Asuraman, the spirit of a Kinniku-Man eraser that he got from a Gashapon capsule in his youth

Spoofs, Parodies and References

  • spoof of Pikachu, Toyota Corolla, Maserati,

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