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147x110px Even idols do roughly the same things as you do
aidoru datte hobo omae ra to onaji koto yatte n da yo''


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Season 1
Air-date in Japan: 9 Nov 2006
Manga Chapter: 19
OP: OP2 「遠い匂い」 tooi nioi by YO-KING
ED: ED3 「雪のツバサ」 yuki no tsubasa by redballoon

"Though these are all I can do, I still wish to do something for her (Otsuu)"
Shimura Shinpachi


Health advisory -

Opening sub-title -

Ending sub-title -

Synopsis (extracted from TV Tokyo):
Newcomer idol Terakado Tsuu and the leader of idol group 'Hansamu', Goemon were discovered to be in love! This news made the Terakado Tsuu's Imperial Guards extremely disappointed ...

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Spoofs, Parodies and References


  • This episode contains multiple parodies of many police-detective drama and/or movies -
Photograph of Producer 石原隆 Ishihara Takashi. [1] 踊る大捜査線 Odoru Daisousa sen's 2 main leads, 室井慎次 Muroi Shinji on the left (played by 柳葉敏郎 Yanagiba Toshirou), 織田裕二 Oda Yuuji on the right (played by 青島俊作 Aoshima Shunsaku)
  • the first to be parodied when Gintoki and Kagura are about to step out of Yorozuya after talking to Otsuu is 踊る大捜査線 (おどるだいそうさせん)odoru daisousasen, known as Bayside Shakedown in English. The way the anime characters' names are labelled on screen mimick those of the series.
  • Gintoki takes on the persona of 織田裕二 Oda Yuuji, a low-ranking police sergeant in the Wangan Precinct played by haiyuu 青島俊作 Aoshima Shunsaku, which is the actor on the right. However, he takes on the name of Ishihara, which is likely to be the name of the series producer which is 石原隆 Ishihara Takashi. The Gintoki cameo bears no resemblance to this producer.
  • Kagura takes on the persona of 'The Suspect Giba-chan', the physically shorter high-ranking Senior Superintendent 室井慎次 Muroi Shinji of the Hiroshima Prefecture Police HQ. This character is played by haiyuu 柳葉敏郎 Yanagiba Toshirou, thus explaining the Giba-chan moniker. 'The Suspect Muroi Shinji' 「容疑者 室井慎次」 is actually the title of 1 of the episodes, as well as movie title released in 2005.
  • Gintoki concluded after this that Shinpachi must be the 交渉人 koushou nin aka negotiator. Another episode cum movie title is 「交渉人 真下正義」 koushou nin Mashita Masayoshi, played by haiyuu ユースケ・サンタマリア Yu-suke Santamaria, which explains why Shinpachi burst out saying he is not Santamaria.
  • Gintoki's nose and ears, and the green overcoat is intended to spoof 青島俊作 Aoshima Shunsaku's role, while Kagura's eyebrows and suit are intended to spoof 柳葉敏郎 Yanagiba Toshirou.
  • For more details on this series, refer to Japanese Wikipedia Link.
Gintama's cameo of the 2 Abudeka main leads, Gintoki as 鷹山 敏樹 Takayama Toshiki on the left, Kagura as 大下 勇次 Ooshita Yuuji on the right 鷹山 敏樹 Takayama Toshiki on the left (played by 柴田 恭兵 Shibata Kyouhei), 大下 勇次 Ooshita Yuuji on the right (played by 舘ひろし Tachi Hiroshi)[2]
  • the next series to be parodied is 「あぶない刑事」Abunai deka or Abudeka for short -
  • Kagura is Police Corporal 大下 勇次 Ooshita Yuuji while Gintoki is Police Corporal 鷹山 敏樹 Takayama Toshiki.
  • 大下 勇次 Ooshita Yuuji played by 舘ひろし Tachi Hiroshi is on the right, while 鷹山 敏樹 Takayama Toshiki played by 柴田 恭兵 Shibata Kyouhei.
  • For more details on this series, refer to Japanese Wikipedia Link.
  • 龍神会 kimura, sam tou/shima?
  • the mystery shadow 謎の影 nazo no kage is from 「名探偵コナン」 Detective Conan, the moustached man who appeared out of no where is 毛利小五郎 Mouri Kogorou aka 眠りの小五郎 nemuri no mouri kogorou, while Gintoki hiding behind the couch with the red bow-tie is mimicking 江戸川コナン Edogawa Konan aka Detective Conan. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link.
Gintoki as 'Ginzaburou' Police Lieutenant 古畑任三郎 Furuhata Ninzaburou starring 田村正和 Tamura Masakazu [3]
  • At the scene where they supposedly discovered Mu-san's body, the background music came from 「古畑任三郎」Furuhata Ninzaburou starring 田村正和 Tamura Masakazu as a Police Lieutenant. Gintoki introduced himself as Ginzaburou.
  • First, Gintoki adopted the persona of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, while Kagura took on Agatha Christies' Hercule Poirot.
  • This is followed by Gintoki as 金田一 耕助 Kindaichi Kousuke and Kagura as his grandson 金田一一 Kindaichi Hajime of 「金田一少年の事件簿」kindaichi shounen no jikenbo manga. The grandfather is a famous (fictitious) detective in 横溝正史 Yokomizo Seishi's mystery novels.
  • Third cameo - 又市の錫杖を持った京極堂 (銀時)、鈴を持った又市(神楽) (to verify again?)
  • キャビンアテンダント刑事 'The Cabin Attendant Files' is written on the movie clap board shown when Otsuu is doing 1 of the takes - this is a spoof of 「スチュワーデス刑事」 'The Stewardess Files', from Fuji TV, about 3 stewardess on JAL flights, classified as a 'travel-gourmet-mystery'.
  • When Otsuu said thank you to Shinpachi at the end of the episode, she called him 'Shinichi'. This is the real name of Detective Conan, which is 工藤新一 Edou Shinichi.
  • List of suspects -
  • Tamo-san is referring to real-life comedian タモリ Tamori-san. One of his more famous show is 笑っていいとも! waratte iitomo! aka 'It's OK to laugh', which was spoofed as utatte iitomo! aka 'It's OK to sing' when Shinpachi and his fan club members first appeared in this episode reading the news of Otsuu's relationship. For more details, refer to Japanese Wikipedia Link.
  • Mu-san, the producer is referring to 武藤大司 Mutou Daishi, producer in charge from Dentsu until Episode 112.verify: from Dentsu
  • nabeosamu director?
  • funagoei 船声英司朗 verify: which actor?
  • 賀木苦毛子 (actress) gakiku keko?verify: which actress?

  • Kagura sporting 2 pony-tails in a red jump-suit and saying the phrase 'お前のやったことは、全てまるっとお見通しだ' omae no yatta koto wa, subete marutto o mitooshi da -
  • The female protagonist 山口久美子 Yamaguchi Kumiki of 「ごくせん」 gokusen is the character Kagura is spoofing with 2 pony-tails and red jump-suit. The series revolve around the adventures of a Maths teacher dealing with difficult students in school. The side parting of the hair-do on Kagura indicates that it is probably a reference to the TV drama version's live actress 仲間由紀恵 Nakama Yukie, rather than the manga version.
  • However, the line she spoke belongs to 「トリック」 Trick, a comedy/drama that starred the same actress but playing the role of 山田奈緒子 Yamada Naoko, a penniless magician forced to team up with a physics professor to solve mysteries to earn a living. That was why Gintoki said to Kagura that her cameo does not resemble the magician role at all, although it was almost identical to the Maths teacher role.
  • When the suspects were lined up in a row, Tamo-san was asked why he was present, to which he replied, he is the ストーリーテラー 'story-teller' -
  • this is a drama series which aired during the golden time of 1900~2200 hours, presenting a series of mystery short clips of about 25 minutes in which Tamori-san is the narrator. He also acted in some episodes.verification/corroboration needed

  • Otsuu's hp ringtone ?verify: what tune?

  • Kagura mentioned the plot for the final episode, concerning the combined efforts of ピン子Pinko (acting as 小島五月 Kojima Satsuki) and 春恵 Harue (haiyuu 赤木春恵 Akagi Harue, acting as Pinko's mother-in-law 小島キミ Kojima Kimi) - this is referring to the series 「渡る世間は鬼ばかり 」 wataru seken wa oni ba kari, in which daughter-in-law and mother-in-law tried their best to keep the family ramen shop going, against the daughters and sons-in-law who wish to sell it off.
  • Kagura ran to Gintoki announcing ピン子 Pinko, who is acting in the series 「渡る世間は鬼しかいねえコノヤロー!!」 aka 'This world is filled with ghosts, you ba$tard !!' has arrived -
  • possibly referring to Gintama's earlier Episode 5 in which Hijikata and Okita Sougo rushed back to Shinsengumi HQ to watch (since they forgot to set the recorder to tape it)
  • 「渡る世間は鬼ばかり 」 wataru seken wa oni ba kari aka 'Traversing in this world are merely ghosts', is a well-known heart-warming TBS family drama about a couple and their 5 daughters, starring 泉ピン子 Izumi Pinko as the second daughter.
  • this is a possible twist of the expression '渡る世間に鬼はない' wataru seken ni oni wa nai aka there are no devils in this world
  • The backdrop of the show that the shadow broke through while being pursued by Yorozuya is a reference to 開運! なんでも鑑定団 kai un! nan demo kantei dan, a TV Tokyo variety show where people bring all kinds of valuables for a specialist jury to judge.
  • The signboard that Gintoki's bokutou hit while chasing mystery shadow 謎の影 nazo no kage showed レディス4王 選手権 Ladies 4 King Championship. レディス4 Ladies 4 is a lifestyle programme, one which both Hijikata and Okita Sougo again like to watch as shown in Episode 9.
Gintama's Oedo logo and TV station building TV Tokyo's HQ [4]
  • The TV station building is a possible reference to TV Tokyo's HQ, with similar circular motif on the station corporate logos.
  • Ketsuno Ana got married in this episode, Otsuu released a 3rd new single 「お前の兄ちゃん××(ひきこもり)」 Your brother is XX (hikikomori).
  • Goemon is listed as the leader of pop idol group 反侍 hansamu. The romaji in used here is identical to the romaji for the word 'handsome' in Japanese, but the literal meaning of the kanji is 'opposite of samurai'. Goemon uses gozaru on almost every sentence only when talking to Otsuu and not while on the phone in the toilet, displaying a false affectation.

Differences between anime and manga

Please input differences between the anime episode and the original manga chapter.

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List of Characters & Seiyuus


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Production Staff

verify: all romaji names below to be verified

Opening credits:

  • This programme is brought to you by sponsor1

  • 原作 Original Creator - 空知 英秋/集英社 「週刊少年ジャンプ」 連載 Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha Weekly Shounen JUMP Serialization
  • シリーズ構成 Series Composition - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • キャラクター デザイン・総作画監督 Character Design-Overall Art Director - 竹内 進二 Takeuchi Shinji
  • デザイン ワークス Design Works - 今石 進 Imaishi Susumu
  • 美術監督 Art Director - 野村 裕樹 Nomura Hiroki
  • 色彩設定 Colour Setting - 歌川 律子 Utagawa Ritsuko (romaji?)
  • 撮影監督 Photography Director - 老平 英 Routaira Suguru (romaji?)
  • CG監督 CG Director - 真田 竹志 Shinda Takeshi
  • 編集 Editing - 瀬山 武司 Seyama Takeshi
  • 音楽 Music - Audio Highs
  • 音響監督 Music Director - 小林 克良 Kobayashi Katsuyoshi

OP2: 「遠い匂い」 tooi nioi by YO-KING   Sony Music Website

  • 作詞 Lyrics - YO-KING
  • 作曲 Song-writer - YO-KING
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - 島田昌典 (Shimada Masanori)
  • Ki/oon Records

  • プロデューサー Producer -
  • 東 不可止 Asuma Fukashi (テレビ東京) (TV Tokyo)
  • 武藤大司 Mutou Daishi
  • 若鍋竜太 Wakanabe Ryuuta
  • プランニング マネジャー Planning Manager - 廣部琢之(テレビ東京) Hirobe Takuyuki (TV Tokyo)
  • 監督 Director - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • 制作 Production -
  • TV Tokyo
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE

Ending credits:

  • 作画監督 Animation Director - 高橋晃 takahashi akira ?
  • 原画 Original Artwork -
  • スタジオダブ Studio Dove
  • 和田喜彰 wada ?
  • 佐久間信一 sakuma shinichi ?
  • 上海ダブ Shanghai Dove
  • ソウルダブ Seoul Dove
  • 動画チェック Animation Checking - 斉藤玲子 saitou reiko?
  • 動画 Animation -
  • スタジオダブ Studio Dove
  • 藤井芳徳 fujii yoshinori ?
  • 荒川祐生 arakawa yuusei?
  • 齋藤 佑 saitou tasuku ?
  • 小野寺尋子 onodera hiroko ?
  • 櫻田大輔 sakurada daisuke ?
  • 明智春菜 akechi haruna?
  • 上海ダブ Shanghai Dove
  • アーク.クリエイション Ark Creation 
  • 田中希果 tanaka ?
  • 芳賀さより Haga Sayori ?
  • アーク.クリエイション サイゴン Ark Creation Saigon
  • 色指定.検査 Colour Setting / Inspection - 宮脇裕美 Miyawaki Hiromi
  • 仕上げ Colour Check -
  • アーク.クリエイション Ark Creation 
  • 阿部千春 abe chiharu ?
  • 森川有希 morikawa yuki ?
  • 穴吹春奈 anabuki haruna?
  • 伊藤元子 itou motoko ?
  • 穂積 恵梨香 hodumi erika?
  • 柴田裕美 shibata hiromi ?
  • 千葉愛理沙 chiba airisa ?
  • 原聖子 hara seiko ?
  • アーク.クリエイション サイゴン Ark Creation Saigon
  • 背景 Background -
  • Y.A.P(有)石垣プロダクション Ishigaki Production
  • 菅野博司 Kanno Hiroshi
  • 福島孝喜 fukushima takayoshi
  • 源恵子minamoto keiko ?
  • 田村文香 tamura ayaka ?
  • 皆川真紀 Minakawa Maki
  • 間庭奈美 Maniwa Nami (check romaji?)
  • 高橋舞子takahashi maiko
  • 大塚伸弘 ootsuka nobuhiro
  • 縫部文川 ?
  • 特殊效果 Special Effects - 飛田 妙子(旭プロダクション) tobita taeko? (Asahi Production)(check romaji?) (official website )

  • 撮影 Photography -
  • 旭プロダクション (Asahi Production)
  • 五明真利 Gomyou Mari (check romaji?)
  • 野上 大地 Nogami Daichi
  • 長田雄一郎 nagata yuuichirou ?
  • 佐々木俊宏 sasaki toshihiro ?
  • 古屋 和人 Furuya Kazuto
  • 羽田巧 Haneda Takumi
  • 元木 洋介 Motoki Yousuke
  • 八島 菜津美 Hajima Natsumi
  • 横尾和美 Yokoo Kazumi
  • 長谷川 洋一 Hasegawa Youichi
  • 3DCG - 中島豊 Nakashima Yutaka
  • 編集 Editing -
  • 瀬山編集室 Seyama Editing Studio
  • 内田恵 Uchida Megumi
  • 松原 理恵 Matsuhara Rie
  • 角川桂子 Kadokawa Keiko (check romaji?)
  • 佐々木紘美 Sasaki Hiromi (check romaji?)
  • 音響効果 Sound Effects - 武籐晶子 ?akiko
  • 録音調整 Sound Recording Editing - 野口あきラ Noguchi Akira
  • 録音助手 Sound Recording Assistant - 八巻大樹 hamaki daiki ?
  • 録音スタジオ Recording Studio - ブーメランスタジオ Boomerang Studio (official website)
  • 音響制作 Sound Production - トリニティサウンド Trinity Sound
  • ビデオ編集 Video Editing -
  • キュー.テック Qtec (official website)
  • 安楽正太郎 Anraku Shoutarou (romaji?)
  • 新井淳一 Arai Junichi (romaji?)

ED3: 「雪のツバサ」 yuki no tsubasa by redballoon   Official Website

  • 作詞 Lyrics - 井上秋緒 Inoue Akio
  • 作曲 Song-writer - 村屋光二 Muraya Koji
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - redballoon, 本間昭光 Honma Akimitsu
  • SME Records

  • オープ二ング エンデイング Opening Ending -
  • 絵コンテ.演出 Storyboard Direction - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • 作画監督 Artwork Director - 竹内進二 Takeuchi Shinji
  • 原画 Original Artwork -
  • 宮脇千鶴 miyawaki chiduru ?
  • 佐籐 陽子 Satou Youko (check romaji?)
  • 山口光紀 Yamaguchi Mitsunori
  • 鶴田 仁美 Tsuruta Hitomi
  • 今岡 大 Imaoka Dai
  • 大木賢一 ooki kenichi ?
  • 青木あさ子 Aoki Asako
  • タイトルCG - 古川貴之 furukawa takayuki ?
  • 音楽制作 Music Production -
  • ア二プレックス Aniplex
  • ミラクル・ロボ MiracleRobo (blogsite)
  • 音楽協力 Music Support - ソ二ー.ミュージックエンタテインメント Sony Music Entertainment
  • 番組宣伝 Programme Publicity -
  • 石井真知子 (テレビ東京) Aoki Yousuke (TV Tokyo)
  • 田中紀明 tanaka noriaki ?
  • 池内 謙一郎 Ikeuchi Kenichirou (romaji?)
  • 協力 Supported by -
  • 週刊少年ジャンプ編集部 Weekly Shonen JUMP Editorial Department
  • 制作進行 Production Programme - 前川貴史 maekawa takashi ?
  • 制作デスク Production Desk - 樋口弘光 Higuchi Sega (romaji?)
  • 設定制作 Setup Production - 青木弘幸 Aoki Hiroyuki(romaji?)
  • 制作事務 Production Office - 松尾友子 matsuo yuuko ?
  • 脚本 Screenplay - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • 絵コンテ.演出 Storyboard Direction - 菱川直樹
  • 制作 Producer -
  • TV Tokyo digital 7
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE
  • name1
  • name2
  • name3
  • name4

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