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147x110px The more precious the baggage, the heavier and the more difficult to carry it is
taisetsu na ni hodo omoku seoi gatai


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Season 4
Part 4 of 5 of Red Spider Chapter
Air-date in Japan: 22 Oct 2009
Manga Chapter: 259 ~ 261
OP: OP8: 「Light Infection」 by Prague
ED: ED15:「ワンダフルデイズ」 wonderful days by ONE☆DRAFT
"If the master's duty is to carry his disciple, then what is the disciple's duty? It is to grow up to the point of being able to carry his master"


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Young Gintoki was sitting in a battlefield full of dead bodies, hungrily gulping down an onigiri, when a hand ruffled his head. Looking up, a stranger asked Gintoki whether he was the reported 'corpse-eating demon' he has heard, and if so quite an adorable one too, in a kind voice. Gintoki instinctively drew his battered sword, probably taken from a dead body as the stranger surmised, at which point the stranger told him to discard that sword drawn in fear, and threw over his own good sword to Gintoki. So doing he turned and walked away with these parting words, "If you want to know how to really use it, then come with me" ...

Scene switched back to the present, where the adult Gintoki had just pierced Jiraia's hand which was going to slash Tsukuyo's face, with the warning "Don't touch her with that hand". With 1 sweep of his bokutou he sent Jiraia flying backwards, and then freed Tsukuyo from the gigantic spider web. Tsukuyo, still concerned for his injuries,told him to run. After carrying her to 1 side for safety, Gintoki replied that he would not let anyone die anymore and gently rebuked her for trying to carrying all the burdens by herself instead of relying on him. Jiraia mocked him, saying that they were the burdens that caused her so much suffering in the first place, and surmising that Gintoki must have followed the threads he has set up to find this place, he warned that these threads were not lifting them to Paradise, but leading them to Hell. So saying Jiraia shot off a few kunai, setting up a new web again in a flash, in preparation to trap the 'premium bait' for Tsukuyo. Looking at Jiraia standing high above them all on his web, Gintoki retorted that a master who betrayed his disciple is not fit to be called a master, and prepared to fight. Jiraia then realised that Gintoki did not exhibit the behaviour of a prey, but that of an attacking intruder, and he launched into an attack with relish, saying that there is no way for him to escape his web even if he were to be reborn and had gone through all 6 spiritual realms.

Jiraia's lightning quick strokes put Gintoki at an disadvantage initially. However, Gintoki managed to trick Jiraia into thinking he was escaping and caught him off guard on the pursuit with a counter-blow. Jiraia's kunai with threads became entangled with Gintoki's hand when he tried to stab Gintoki back, and Jiraia was firmly caught by Gintoki.

The stranger was seen once again, this time the young Gintoki was being carried by him piggy-back. This time the stranger was heard saying that from here on, the sword should be used to strike down one's own weak self and not enemies, used to protect one's own soul, not body ...

Gasping for breath, Jiraia asked how is it that Gintoki, who can't even forsake his own self and friends, had the strength to fight one who has abandoned everything. Gintoki replied that in abandoning everything,he has thrown away the important things too, and that in reality he, Jiraia, was just a coward who was afraid of losing those which are important to him, and that he ran away from the pain of carrying the burden as well as the pain of being the burden. He ended by asking whether Jiraia have the backbone to carry his own disciple, and released Jiraia.

Not content, Jiraia rose to point his kunai at Gintoki's nape when he was walking off, only to get stabbed by Tsukuyo's kunai in her attempt to stop him. He finally collapsed to the floor in a pool of blood, and in an unexpected denouement, expressed surprise that this feeling of killing himself was not what he expected. Tsukuyo was startled by this revelation and remembered then that Jiraia mentioned before he wanted to kill himself.

Hattori Zenzou appeared from nowhere at that moment, and asked whether after all the things he had done, Jiraia was actually staking himself as the final prey for his disciple to kill, the disciple that he so painstakingly trained to be his replica. Jiraia recognized Zenzou to be the son of the leader of the Oniwabanshuu, the leader whom he fought and injured previously, and asked whether Zenzou was here for revenge. Zenzou replied he has no interest in stepping on fallen spiders, and called him by his real name 'Danzou'. He then went on to relate Jiraia's background story ...

Jiraia, aka Tobita Danzou, came from a reputable family in the Iga province, a place that faced constant warfare between feuding warlords. Well-to-do and with an eldest son gifted in ninja skills, the Tobita family was seen as a threat and subsequently massacred by the feudal lords, leaving only the young Tobita Danzou and his younger sister. To force Danzou into using his talents to serve them, his sister was held hostage, and Danzou, torn between hatred for the perpetrators, and desire to perform well so that his sister was not ill-treated, turned into a mindless killing machine, destroying his own self to escape the humiliation. Heart-broken at seeing her brother's suffering, his sister chose to end her life so that he could live free. However, Danzou blamed himself for being unable to protect her, and the guilt tormented him thereafter. To punish himself, he burnt his own face as a means to destroy his self-identity and thought of a way to make himself be hated as much as possible and to have himself killed by those whom he painstakingly nurtured. He thought by abandoning everything upfront, he would not feel the pain of their loss later, and he sought to inculcate that thinking to Tsukuyo. However, he realised that he had inadvertently passed such burdens to Tsukuyo and she had grown strong from not running away from her burdens. He then asked for her forgiveness.

Tsukuyo, picking up the seriously injured Jiraia then replied that if a master's duty is to carry disciples, then it is the disciple's duty to grow strong enough to carry the master in return. Commenting that Jiraia as a burden felt very light, she helped him out to take a perhaps last look at the moon. At that moment, the image of Jiraia's sister flashed momentarily before Jiraia's eyes.

Zenzou reflected that he, too was carried by his father (who taught him his ninja skills) all this while, and that he had never carried his master before. The episode ended with Gintoki echoing the same sentiment ...

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Spoofs, Parodies and References

verify: this section contains some speculative comments, feedback/corrections are welcome

  • 滅私奉公 messhi houkou - the running theme throughout the Red Spider Chapter, this refers to selfless devotion to one's job/duty. Broken down to individual characters, it means abandoning one's personal desires totally and serving one's lord or country unreservedly. Jiraia took this to the extreme and turned into a mindless killing machine, even went so far as to nurture his targets to their fullest potential before killing them. Originating from Confucius teachings in olden China, the pre-war Japanese society, interpreted this to mean forsaking one's personal desires in deference to absolute unquestioning allegiance to the ruler, whereas the original Chinese meaning imparted a sense of moral duty/obligation while carrying out one's duties. This was particularly enforced by the ruling Japanese monarchy at that time, and the fact that the Japanese economy flourished during that period of industrialization was attributed in no small part to this philosophy. In the present times, some scholars have attributed the overworked syndrome endemic in Japanese work culture to this mentality, sometimes leading to employees' death due to exhaustion.
  • References to Buddhism -
  • Jiraia's reference about spider threads leading not to Paradise but to Hell - probably derived from a well-known short story "The Spider's Thread" 「蜘蛛の糸」 kumo no ito, by Japanese author Akutagawa Ryuunosuke 芥川 龍之介. It is a short story about how Sakyamuni (later to become Buddha) extended a spider's thread to save evil bandit Kandata 犍陀多, who couldn't bear to kill a small spider in his earlier life. Kandata was suffering in Hell for having committed numerous heinous crimes as a bandit. Sakyamuni, in his wandering amidst the lotus ponds in Paradise, saw him there and remembered that he did do a good deed once, and that was to spare the life of a small spider. He then lowered a single spider's thread down to Hell to save him. Kandata climbed onto it, but others in Hell too started climbing that thread. In his eagerness to escape Hell and worried that the thin thread might break, he yelled to those below to let go as the thread was meant only for him. Whereupon the thread breaks, sending everyone back into the depths of Hell.
  • The 6 realms - in Buddhism, the 6 Realms 六道 rokudou is the path for all living things' rebirth. There are 3 good, namely Gods realm, Human realm, Asura realm, and 3 bad, namely Bestial realm, Hungry Demon realm and Hell realm. All living things can be reborn into humans, animals, demons or gods. Only when humans have become Buddhas, Bodhisattvas or Arhats can they transcend the continuous rebirth cycle into the 6 realms.
  • Tsukuyo's name - Given the manga author's penchant for injecting symbolism or puns into the names of his characters, there is a possibility that Tsukuyo's name is a word play on the phrase 強く tsuyoku, meaning "to become stronger". That Gintoki kept saying in this episode that she is stronger than Jiraia may hint at this possibility.verification/corroboration needed

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List of Characters & Seiyuus

Young Gintoki 幼少銀時 - 矢口 アサミ Yaguchi Asami

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Production Staff

verify: all romaji names below to be verified

  • This programme is brought to you by BANDAI, P&G, SonyMusic, BandaiNamco Games, Aniplex.

Opening credits:

  • 原作 Original Creator - 空知 英秋/集英社 「週刊少年ジャンプ」 連載 Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha Weekly Shounen JUMP Serialization
  • 監修 Supervising Director - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • シリーズ構成 Series Composition - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • キャラクター デザイン・総作画監督 Character Design-Overall Art Director - 竹内 進二 Takeuchi Shinji
  • デザイン ワークス Design Works - 乙幡 忠志 Otsuhata Takashi
  • 美術監督 Art Director - 野村 裕樹 Nomura Hiroki
  • 色彩設定 Colour Setting - 歌川 律子 Utagawa Ritsuko (romaji?)
  • 編集 Editing - 瀬山 武司 Seyama Takeshi
  • 撮影監督 Photography Director - 老平 英 Routaira Suguru (romaji?)
  • CG監督 CG Director - 中島 豊 Nakashima Yutaka
  • 音楽 Music - Audio Highs
  • 音響監督 Music Director - 小林 克良 Kobayashi Katsuyoshi


  • 作詞 Lyrics - 鈴木雄太 Suzuki Yuuta
  • 作曲 Song-writer - Prague
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - Prague
  • Ki/oon Records


  • プロデューサー Producer -
  • 東 不可止 Asuma Fukashi (テレビ東京) (TV Tokyo)
  • 笹田 直樹 sasada naoki ?
  • 樋口 弘光 higuchi hiromitsu ?
  • プランニング マネジャー Planning Manager -
  • 井口 晴之 Iguchi Haruyuki ? (テレビ東京) (TV Tokyo)
  •  吉多 奈央 Yoshita Nao ? (テレビ東京) (TV Tokyo)
  • 監督 Director - 藤田 陽一 Fujita Yoichi
  • 制作 Production -
  • TV Tokyo Digital 7 Channel
  • dentsu

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Ending credits:

  • 脚本 Screenplay - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • 絵コンテ演出 Storyboard Direction - みなみやすひろ Minami Yasuhiro 
  • 作画監督 Animation Director -
  • 佐藤 陽子 Satou Yoko
  • 佐々木洋平 Sasaki Youhei
  • 原画 Original Artwork -
  • 升谷 由紀 Masudani Yuki (check romaji?)
  • 石川真理子 ishikawa mariko
  • 遠藤 正和 endou masakazu?
  • 福世 真奈美 Fukuyo Manami ?
  • 亀井 大祐 kamei daisuke
  • 岩木孝司 iwaki takashi ?
  • 北村 友幸 kitamura Tomoyuki ? (Yuuko )
  • 青嶋 克巳 Aoshima Katsumi ?
  • 阿部尚人 abe naoto?
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  • 藤井 裕子 Fujii Yuuko
  • 福山 貴人 Fukuyama Takahito ?
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  • 佐藤 陽子 Satou Yoko

  • 第二原画 2nd Original Artwork
  • 中村 友美 Nakamura Tomomi
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  • 金岡 滿子 kanaoka mitsuko ?
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  • 動画 Animation -
  • Wish
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  • 背景 Background -
  • Y.A.P(有)石垣プロダクション Ishigaki Production
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  • 特殊效果 Special Effects - 村上 宜隆 (旭プロダクション) Murakami ??? (Asahi Production)(check romaji?) Official website
  • 撮影 Photography -
  • 旭プロダクション (Asahi Production)
  • 五明 真利 gomyou mari?
  • 後藤 春陽 Gotou Haruyo?
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  • 3DCG -
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  • オープ二ング エンデイング Opening Ending -
  • 絵コンテ/演出 Storyboard/Direction - 籐田 陽一 Fujita Yoichi
  • 原画 Original Artwork -
  • 乙幡 忠志 ? Otohata Tadashi (check romaji?)
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  • 作詞 Lyrics - LANCE
  • 作曲 Song-writer - LANCE
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  • Sony Music Associated Records

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  • 録音スタジオ Recording Studio - ブーメランスタジオ Boomerang Studio (official website)
  • 音響制作 Sound Production -
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  • ビデオ編集 Video Editing -
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  • 頭字 Starting Lettering - 若鍋 竜太 Wakanabe Ryuuta
  • 番組宣伝 Programme Publicity -
  • 青木 洋介 (テレビ東京) Aoki Yousuke (TV Tokyo)
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  • 協力 Supported by -
  • 週刊少年ジャンプ編集部 Weekly Shonen JUMP Editorial Department
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  • 制作 Producer -
  • TV Tokyo digital 7
  • dentsu

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