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147x110px Part A
Soup made from matsutake is more delicious than the mushroom itself
松茸のお吸い物ってアレ ホンモノよりうまいよね
matsutake no o suimono tte are honmono yori umai yo ne

147x110px Part B
A dead person cannot come back to life
hito wa shin dara ikikaera nai


Part A
Part B
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Season 4
Air-date in Japan: 2 Jul 2009
Manga Chapter: nil
OP: OP7: 「Stairway Generation」 by Base Ball Bear
ED: ED14: 「ウォーアイニー」 uo-aini by Takahashi Hitomi & BEATCRUSADERS
"If you rely on gadgets or on me, your future will never change"
Robot from the future


Health advisory -

Opening sub-title -

Ending sub-title -

Synopsis (extracted from TV Tokyo):

Part A -
The news in the streets of the imposter Yorozuya being so popular reached Gintoki and company's ear. Upon investigation, they discovered that the imposter made a lot of money from shady deals done in their name. After checking out heir web site in an internet cafe, the Yorozuya gang set off to locate the office of the imposter. Along the way, they bumped into satisfied customers, who were overheard praising the customer service of the imposter, their ability to deliver nigh impossible goals and the free gifts given. When Yorozuya barged into the imposter's spanking new office building to expose them, what they saw was ... Stainless Boy wearing an outfit similar to Gintoki's, presiding over the ex-Old Yorozuya members Kanemaru aka Black Dragon, Ikesawa and mascot Furuhashi.
Part B -
A robot from the future pays Shinpachi a visit on the instruction of Shinpachi's supposed grandson, stating that its intention is to help him now so as to avert a future of tragedy. A robot, which has a tummy pocket from which he can pull out all kinds of gadgets, and which came from a future where 'Skynet' has waged war against humankind ...

Spoofs, Parodies and References

Part A -

  • The name 'Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan' 万事屋金良ちゃん - the phrase 'Kin Gon 金良' is a 2-character anagram derived from breaking up the single character 'Gin 銀' into its 2 radical components.

  • As mentioned by Kagura, the reading of the kanji phrase '万事屋' was originally banjiya, but Sakata Gintoki apparently coined the reading yorozuya. The regular kanji for yorozuya is actually '万屋'.

Gintama's Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan Website Opening
Charlie's Angels Season 1 Opening [1]
  • The animated introduction that greets the original Yorozuya trio when they visited the Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan's website - the 3 shadowed figures with the explosion in the background is an imitation of the TV series Charlie's Angels Season 1 opening sequence. The show revolves around 3 women working for a private investigation agency headed by the enigmatic Charlie, and season 1 started in the late 1970s, starring Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith as the original 'Angels'.

Part B -

  • Though the robot was not named, the following 'hints' point to it being a spoof of Doraemon ドラえもん, a children's sci-fi and gag manga by Fujiko F. Fujio 藤子・F・不二雄, featuring a robot cat from the future sent to aid a school boy called Nobita Nobi 野比 のび太:
  • The Gintama future robot came out of a drawer, which presumably served as the entrance to the time machine. In Doraemon, Nobita's study desk drawer served the same purpose.
  • Time machine design in both series are quite similar
  • The ears of the Gintama future robot were chewed up by a cat, resulting in a phobia of cats, according to the robot itself. In the original Doraemon series, Doraemon's ears were all eaten away by mice, resulting in a phobia of mice.
  • Shinpachi literally called him 'neko-emon', a not-so-subtle hint of the original Doraemon's name. And so forth, just to name a few.
The original Doraemon's Take-copter


  • In Gintama, the following Doraemon gadgets or dougu 道具 were spoofed:
  • Take-Wing - literally 'bamboo wing', it is a spoof of Doraemon's Take-copter タケコプター, literally bamboo (heli)copter.
  • Dokodemo Shouji - literally Anyplace Sliding Door, it is a spoof of Doraemon's Dokodemo Door どこでもドア, literally Anywhere Door
  • Daishou Light - literally big-small light, it is a spoof of 2 Doraemon gadgets, Small light スモールライト and Big light ビッグライト, whose functions are self-explanatory.[2]

  • As usual Dragon Ball is once more the butt of Gintama jokes. Robot mentioned that kids have become unwilling to work hard because of the presence of 'a Dragon which can bring people back to life when 7 balls have been collected', is a not-so-subtle dig at the Dragon Ball series. The title of Part B "A dead person cannot come back to life" is also poking fun at this series.

  • The later part of the episode is a spoof of the Terminator movie series, with references to (John) Connor, the future leader of the Resistance forces and Skynet, the military computer system whose artificial intelligence launched a war to exterminate humankind.

Differences between anime and manga

Input differences here!

List of Characters & Seiyuus

  • Man 男 - 樋口 智透 Higuchi Tomoyuki
  • Mystery Person 謎の人 - てらそままさき Terasoma Masaki

Uncredited -

  • Future Robot (probably Mystery Person listed above)
  • Woman

Production Staff

verify: all romaji names below to be verified

Opening credits:

  • 原作 Original Creator - 空知 英秋/集英社 「週刊少年ジャンプ」連載 Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha Weekly Shounen JUMP Serialization
  • 監修 Supervising Director - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • シリーズ構成 Series Composition - 大和屋 暁 Yamatoya Akatsuki
  • キャラクター デザイン・総作画監督 Character Design-Overall Art Director - 竹内 進二 Takeuchi Shinji
  • デザイン ワークス Design Works - 乙幡 忠志 Otsuhata Takashi
  • 美術監督 Art Director - 野村 裕樹 Nomura Hiroki
  • 色彩設定 Colour Setting - 歌川 律子 Utagawa Ritsuko (romaji?)
  • 編集 Editing - 瀬山 武司 Seyama Takeshi
  • 撮影監督 Photography Director - 老平 英 Rouhei Suguru (romaji?)
  • CG監督 CG Director - 中島豊 Nakashima Yutaka
  • 音楽 Music - Audio Highs
  • 音響監督 Music Director - 小林 克良 Kobayashi Katsuyoshi
  • 作詞 Lyrics - 小出祐介 Koide Yuusuke
  • 作曲 Song-writer - 小出祐介 Koide Yuusuke
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - Base Ball Bear & 玉井健二 Tamai Kenji
  • EMI Music Japan Inc.
  • 監督 Director - 藤田 陽一 Fujita Yoichi
  • プロデューサー Producer -
  • 東 不可止 Asuma Fukashi (テレビ東京) (TV Tokyo)
  • 笹田直樹 sasada naoki ?
  • 樋口弘光 higuchi hiromitsu ?
  • プランニング マネジャー Planning Manager - 原田孝 (テレビ東京) Harada Takashi ? (TV Tokyo)
  • 制作 Production -
  • TV Tokyo
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE
  • 提供 Sponsors -
  • バンダイナムコゲームス Bandai Namco Games
  • Bandai
  • SonyMusic
  • Aniplex
  • P&G

Ending credits:

  • 脚本 Screenplay - 横手 美智子 Yokote Michiko
  • 絵コンテ. Storyboard - 高柳 哲司
  • Direction 演出 - 菱川 直樹 Hishikawa Naoki
  • 作画監督 Animation Director - 佐々木洋平 Sasaki Youhei
  • 原画 Original Artwork -
  • 鶴田 仁美 Tsuruta Hitomi
  • 中村 友美 Nakamura Tomomi
  • 三好和也 Miyoshi Kazuya
  • 愛敬由紀子 aikyou yukiko?
  • 大浦藍子 ooura aiko ?
  • 岩崎成希 iwasaki ?
  • 三橋桜子 mihashi sakurako ?
  • 石川真理子 ishikawa mariko
  • 阿部尚人 abe naoto?
  • 増田俊介 masuda shunsuke ?
  • 三波 悦子 Minami Etsuko
  • 伊藤 裕次 itou yuuji?
  • 津熊健徳 Tsukuma Takenori
  • 第二原画 2nd Original Artwork -
  • アニメアール anime R?
  • 動画チェック Animation Checking - 名和 誉弘 Nawa Takahiro
  • 動画 Animation -
  • アングル angle?
  • テレコムアニメーションフィルム Telecom Animation film?
  • スタジオライプ studio ripe?
  • たくらんけ takuranke?
  • R.I.C (Reverse Image Creation)Official Website
  • Triple A Official Website
  • 高橋裕子 takahashi yuuko ?
  • 児玉いずみ kodama izumi ?
  • 松原麻弓 matsubara mayumi ?
  • 高田小知代 takada shouchiyo ?
  • 覚張真弓 kakuhari mayumi ?
  • 渡辺妙子 watanabe taeko
  • 安本乃涼 yasumoto ?
  • 竹ノ内節子 takenouchi setsuko?
  • 色指定 Colour Setting - 厚見祐希 atsumi yuki
  • 仕上げ Colour Check -
  • Wish (Official website)
  • 長尾朱美 nagao akemi ?
  • 齋藤知津江 saitou tomotsue ?
  • 上村貴子 uemura takako ?
  • 滝川ひかる takigawa hikaru ?
  • 梅村利恵子 umemura rieko ?
  • 大鍔奈保子 dai tsuba nahoko ?
  • 藤巻淳子 Fujimaki Junko (check romaji?)
  • 熊谷奈美 kumagai nami ?
  • 動画.仕上げ管理 Animation & Colour Check Supervisor - 小橋幸亮 Kohashi ? (check romaji?)
  • 背景 Background -
  • Y.A.P(有)石垣プロダクション Ishigaki Production
  • 菅野博司 Kanno Hiroshi
  • 伊藤朱美 itou akemi ?
  • 田村文香 tamura ayaka ?
  • 間庭奈美 Maniwa Nami (check romaji?)
  • 西村健 Nishimura Ken (check romaji?)
  • 紫芝香里 ? kaori ?
  • 浅見由恵 asami yoshie ?
  • 東 明美 higashi akemi ?
  • 川名俊英 Kawana Toshihide
  • 特殊效果 Special Effects - 村上宜隆 (旭プロダクション) Murakami ??? (Asahi Production)(check romaji?) Official website
  • 撮影 Photography -
  • 旭プロダクション (Asahi Production)
  • 五明真利 gomyou mari?
  • 後藤春陽 Gotou Haruyo?
  • 山崎里栄 yamazaki ?
  • 上條智也 kamijou tomoya?
  • 寺本友紀 teramoto yuki ?
  • 森谷若奈 moritani wakana
  • 藤坂めぐみ fujisaka megumi ?
  • 長谷川 洋一 Hasegawa Youichi
  • 大久保 益野惠 Ookubo ?
  • 野上 大地 Nogami Daichi
  • 3DCG - 大塚 祐太郎 (旭プロダクション) Otsuka Yutaro ? (Asahi Production)
  • 編集 Editing -
  • 瀬山編集室 Seyama Editing Studio
  • 内田恵 Uchida Megumi
  • 松原 理恵 Matsuhara Rie
  • 角川桂子 Kadokawa Keiko (check romaji?)
  • 佐々木紘美 Sasaki Hiromi (check romaji?)
  • エンデイングテーマ Ending Theme - 「ウォーアイニー」 by 高橋瞳 x BEAT CRUSADERS

Takahashi Hitomi Official Website
BEAT CRUSADERSOfficial Website

  • 作詞 Lyrics - 高橋 瞳 Takahashi Hitomi
  • 作曲 Song-writer - BEAT CRUSADERS
  • 編曲 Music Arrangement - BEAT CRUSADERS
  • Sony Music Records/DefSTAR RECORDS
  • オープ二ング エンデイング Opening Ending -
  • 絵コンテ Storyboard - 籐田陽一 Fujita Yoichi
  • 演出 Direction -
  • 吉村愛 Yoshimura Ai ?
  • 籐田陽一 Fujita Yoichi
  • 原画 Original Artwork -
  • 乙幡 忠志 ? Otohata Tadashi (check romaji?)
  • 佐々木洋平 sasaki youhei ?
  • 鶴田 仁美 Tsuruta Hitomi
  • 今岡 大 Imaoka Dai
  • 青木あさ子 Aoki Asako
  • 山口光紀 Yamaguchi Mitsunori
  • 朝井 聖子 Asai Seiko (check romaji?)
  • 高橋 亮 Takahashi Ryo
  • 福元 敬子 fukumoto keiko  ?
  • 佐籐 陽子 Satou youko (check romaji?)
  • 田中智子 tanaka satoko ?
  • 尾崎正幸 ozaki masayuki ?
  • 録音演出 Sound Recording Director - 高松 信司 Takamatsu Shinji
  • 音響効果 Sound Effects - 武籐 晶子 ? Mutou akiko?
  • 録音調整 Sound Editing - 野口あきラ Noguchi Akira
  • オペレーター Operator - 松下春香 matsushita haruka
  • 録音スタジオ Recording Studio - ブーメランスタジオ Boomerang Studio (official website)
  • 音響制作 Sound Production -
  • トリニティサウンド Trinity Sound
  • 佐々木 聰? Sasaki satoshi?
  • ビデオ編集 Video Editing -
  • キュー.テック Qtec (official website)
  • 新井 淳一 Arai Junichi (romaji?)
  • 朝倉 みなみ asakura minami ?
  • 編集デスク Editing Desk - 芦野 義人 ashino yoshihito ?
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  • 頭字 Starting Lettering - 若鍋 竜太 Wakanabe Ryuuta
  • 番組宣伝 Programme Publicity -
  • 青木 洋介 (テレビ東京) Aoki Yousuke (TV Tokyo)
  • 田中 太郎 Tanaka Tarou
  • 協力 Supported by -
  • 週刊少年ジャンプ編集部 Weekly Shonen JUMP Editorial Department
  • 中崎 敦 nakasaki atushi(romaji?)
  • 制作進行 Production Programme - 上田 浩平 ueda kouhei?
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  • 制作事務 Production Office - 木村 友美 Kimura Tomomi
  • 制作 Producer -
  • TV Tokyo digital 7
  • 電通 (known as "dentsu" from ep.112 onwards)
  • サンライズ SUNRISE

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  2. Images derived from Doraemon Official Movie Website.