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otoko ga soroe ba donna basho de mo senjou ni naru


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Season 4
Part 1 of 7 of Otsuu Fan Club Chapter
Air-date in Japan: 14 May 2009
Manga Chapter: 239
OP: OP7: 「Stairway Generation」 by Base Ball Bear
ED: ED13:「朝ANSWER」 asa answer by PENGIN
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Shinpachi encounters Toshi when most of the members of the Imperial Guard defect to join the Tsuusengumi. Despite this Shinpachi is determined that the Imperial Guard become Tsuu's official fan club and so faces off against Toshi when Tsuu announces a contest for groups to compete to be her official fan club. Many of the images in this episode are parodies of Koei's Samurai Warriors series of games as it displays the taking of territory in Japan in a similar style as well as depicting Shinpachi and Toshi dressed like Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uetsugi from the game. Even Gintoki's voice overs are done in a similar fashion to the narration of the games.verify: Sengoku Basara?

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