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147x110px If you can't beat them, join them
nagai mono ni wa maka re ro !!


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Season 3
Air-date in Japan: 26 Mar 2009
Manga Chapter: nil
OP: OP6: 「アナタ Magic」 anata magic by Monobright
ED: ED12 「輝いた」 kagayaita by Shigi
"quote without quotations"


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Opening sub-title -

Ending sub-title -

All along, the Yorozuya threesome, in order to ...

The Yorozuya talk about their past years of the Gintama series and how they should end their final episode.

The All's well that end's well versions:

1. The All's well that ends well - Shinpachi went to the farther place to hone his skills as a swordsman.

2. The Alternate version was actually the Parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion's last episode.

3. The Alternate version 0.5 - Gintoki becomes a baseball player.

4. The Really, really, really Alternate version - Shinpachi became a snivelling henshin bishoujo Pachie, that made Kagura a rabbit mascot, Gintoki a Mickey Mouse, and Takasugi becomes... whatever.


The Shonen Jump Pirate Logo appeared to them saying that the anime must continue whatever the risk.

Spoofs, Parodies and References

  • to verify: This proverb comes from a Chinese legend, which says, there was a hunter who had been rolled in an elephant's trunk. Suddenly a giant lion appeared in front of the elephant, then the hunter shot it. After that, the elephant took him to an elephants' tomb where he found many ivories which made him rich.
  • 長い物 (nagai mono) means person who is bigger or better than you.
  • 巻かれろ (maka re ro) implies that you better join hands with him, don't resist.

Differences between anime and manga

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List of Characters & Seiyuus

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Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時 - 杉田 智和 Sugita Tomokazu
Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八 - 阪口 大助 Sakaguchi Daisuke
Kagura 神楽 - 釘宮 理恵 Kugimiya Rie

Production Staff

Opening credits:

  • 原作 Original Creator - 空知 英秋/集英社 「週刊少年ジャンプ」 連載 Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha Weekly Shounen JUMP Serialization

Ending credits:

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