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Elizabeth mug.jpg
Occupation Jouishishi
Affiliations Jouishishi Katsura
Birthday 7 Sep / Virgo
Species Renho (Monday Elizabeth)
Gender unknown
Eyes Black
Height 180 cm
Weight 123 kg
Blood Type unknown
Status Live


Elizabeth (エリザベス) is Katsura's unusual pet Amanto and a member of the Jouishishi. It is always by Katsura's side and has become inseparable as Katsura's sidekick. Fiercely loyal to Katsura, it has saved him on numerous occassions. When Katsura went missing in the beginning of the Benizakura Chapter, Elizabeth visited Yorozuya for help.

A recurring element in the series is that Elizabeth is often hinted to actually be a man in a suit rather than an actual Amanto. In the anime the human in Elizabeth is often joked to actually be Takamatsu Shinji the director of the Gintama anime series.

At the end of the Renho Arc, it is revealed that there were two Elizabeths: Monday Elizabeth and regular Elizabeth. Monday Elizabeth is a part of the Renho Tribe and left Earth after the Renho Arc. The identity of regular Elizabeth, the Elizabeth who appears in the Benizakura arc, remains unknown.


It is a large duck-like Amanto with a expressionless face, although at certain times it is shown to actually be a human in a costume. The human inside it is depicted as a dark skinned, sweaty man with hairy legs and glowing pink eyes. When the human is implied as the director, a face with eye-glasses can be glimpsed through Elizabeth's open mouth, with a voice like a deep drawl.

Throughout the series it is seen wearing various disguises and has been shown in different styles for gags.

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Elizabeth appears as a quite and dull character at first glance but it can often be insane and extraneous. it is usually never seen speaking and mainly communicates through the use of placards which it can also use as weapons.

Background Story

Elizabeth was originally given to Katsura by his old acquaintance Sakamoto Tatsuma. Katsura quickly grows fond of the odd Amanto and since first meeting it he has kept Elizabeth by his side ever since. Katsura takes great pride in Elizabeth often considering it a truly charming and sophisticated pet unlike the Yorozuya's vicious head-biting mascot Sadaharu, whom Katsura often considers as inferior in comparison to his Elizabeth, he has even gone so far as to appear on a live TV pet show just to prove that Elizabeth is the better pet even though doing this might have put him at risk of being captured by the Shinsengumi.


  • Elizabeth is also a talented painter.
  • In Episode 39 it is shown that Elizabeth can fire lasers from its eyes.
  • It is never fully explained whether Elizabeth is an actual Amanto, or a guy in a costume, although it may be an Amanto with a human-like creature inside or an Amanto in a symbiotic relationship. X update RENHO CHAPTER
  • verify: which yorinuki ep. kuriyama appeared in Elizabeth

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