Banzou 蛮蔵

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Banzou mug.png
Other Names Mamushi
Seiyuu 宇垣 秀成
Ugaki Hidenari
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Birthday 17 Dec / Sagittarius
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair DarkGoldenRod brown
Height 170 cm
Weight 64 kg
Status Unknown


Also known as マムシの蛮蔵 mamushi no banzou, aka Banzou the Viper. The originator of the Justaway explosive.

He used to work in a government office as a cop [2] but got laid off, and he became a terrorist in his bitterness. He started a factory, taking in displaced and bitter samurai who also wanted revenge. The factory acts as a front for the manufacture of Justaway, which is actually a bomb. Yamazaki Sagaru was sent here as a spy to uncover more about the mysterious Justaway in Episode 32. It turned out that the factory also manufactured heavy artillery like the Mamushi-Z laser canon.


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Banzou's Family 蛮蔵の家族 Banzou 蛮蔵 Tasuke 太助Kimiko 公子

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