Amachi Hideaki 天知 英秋

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Amachi Hideaki
天知 英秋
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Seiyuu 川野 剛稔
Kawano Taketoshi
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Occupation Manga artist
Birthday 25 May / Gemini
Species Gorilla
Gender Male
Height 213 cm
Weight 230 kg
Status Live
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Creator/author of Gintaman under Jump Editor Konishi's charge in Gintama world and the second caricature of Gintama's mangaka, Sorachi Hideaki as a gorilla, this time totally naked without T-shirt. The character for 空 'sora' in 空知 'Sorachi' means the same thing as 天 'ama' in 天知 'Amachi', meaning 'sky'.verification/corroboration needed



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  1. Translated from 空知英秋 Sorachi Hideaki, 銀魂五年生 Gintama 5th Graders (Gintama Official Character Book 2), 集英社 Shueisha Jump Comics, page 75.