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Welcome to the Gintama Wiki, the Gargantuan Gintama Encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Before you start, please take some time to run through this wiki's policies for general users below:

Wiki's Scope
  • As described above, the wiki aims to be the most comprehensive Gargantuan Gintama Encyclopedia to exist. Its scope includes the following information in order of priority:
  • the TV anime series, OVA and movies
  • manga series,
  • official merchandise
  • unofficial literature such as the "Anthology" series

Not part of this wiki's scope are fan art, fanon articles and anything not from the original manga author or anime creator, except the last item mentioned above. However, users of this wiki can post their fan art and other material on their own personal page, or in the forums.

Wiki's Conventions
  • This wiki displays the romanised Japanese names following the kanji readings, i.e. family name first, followed by first name format. This is different from the usual convention of representing romanised names in first-name-followed-by-family-name in other publications. Contributors are requested to adopt this wiki's format of family-name-followed-by-first-name for all romanised Japanese names in order to be consistent with the kanji names.

User Accounts
  • Please login to edit, so that your work can be credited to your account rather than to anonymous IP addresses, which may be used by thousands of users. Create a new account if you don't have one on this wiki. If you are an editor on the earlier version of this wiki (hosted on wikkii and wikia) and would like to have your old username back, please contact wiki admin directly via their talk-page or email. The email feature is only found on the user pages, under 'Toolbox' in the left sidebar.
  • Widgets are enabled on this wiki (for user pages only), but only wiki administrators can install them. See here for some samples. If any user wish to have a particular widget on their user pages, please drop the admins a note on their talk page with the relevant link to the widget. Please note that if the link contains pure source code alone, the request will not be entertained since administrators need to screen them for offensive or inappropriate content before installing.